Inventory of Every Item in Kramer’s Apartment

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Ever wonder whats in Kramer’s apartment? No? Well, we did.

We created an inventory of every single item that appears in there throughout the series.

Turns out, there’s around 400+ unique items. See them all here.

Cousin Jeffery – The Glasses

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Cousin Jeffrey was Jerry’s never-seen cousin, whom Uncle Leo was always raving about. He works at the Parks Department, and according to Leo Jeffrey has a great sense of humor. His favorite animal is the leopard because he like the … Read More

Carlo Costanza – The Doll

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Carlo Costanza is Frank Costanza’s long lost Italian cousin. Carlo Costanza is played by Jerry Stiller. Carlo Costanza appears in: The Doll Frank sees one of Elaines pictures from her trip to Tuscany and recognizes his long long cousin Carol Costanza. At … Read More

Rick Levitan – The Revenge

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Rick is George’s boss at Rick Barr Properties. He is a womanizer and he does not recycle. Rick Levitan appears in: The Revenge George quits his job at Rick Barr Properties when he is banned from the executive toilet, but … Read More

George Steinbrenner – Hire This Man!

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George Steinbrenner is George’s boss at the NY Yankees, and is always viewed from the back or the side so you can’t see his face. He is first seen when introduced to George, who starts berating him for his management … Read More

Emily – The Money

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Played by: Sarah Silverman Appears in The Money Kramer dates Emily, but shes got the Jimmy legs Kramer’s new girlfriend has “the Jimmy legs” when they sleep together so he seeks advice from Elaine. He finally tries to work out … Read More

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