Seinfeld Drug References – Let’s Go to Mars Dude

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Jerry Seinfeld is well known for his clean style of comedy, but this guy ain’t no prude, there are many drug references on Seinfeld.

These references prove he was hip to the scene about drugs than his squeaky-clean persona would have you believe.

Keep reading to discover all of the drug references on Seinfeld.

Inventory of Every Item in Kramer’s Apartment

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Ever wonder whats in Kramer’s apartment? No? Well, we did.

We created an inventory of every single item that appears in there throughout the series.

Turns out, there’s around 400+ unique items. See them all here.

Carlo Costanza – The Doll

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Carlo Costanza is Frank Costanza’s long lost Italian cousin. Carlo Costanza is played by Jerry Stiller. Carlo Costanza appears in: The Doll Frank sees one of Elaines pictures from her trip … Read More

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