Betsy – The Implant

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Played by: Megan Mullally Appears in: The Implant George accompanies his girlfriend Betsy to Detroit for her aunt’s wake. While there, he tries to get a copy of her death … Read More

Allison – The Outing

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Played by: Kari Coleman Appears in: The Outing While at the coffee shop, Elaine notices a woman in the next booth eavesdropping on their conversation, so as a joke she … Read More

Allison – The Susie

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Played by: Shannon Kenny Appears in: The Susie George’s plans to take his new girlfriend Allison to Steinbrenner’s ball to show her off but he finds out that she is … Read More

Cheryl – The Visa

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Played by: Maggie Han Appears in: The Visa George meets Cheryl, an Asian lawyer and cousin to Ping the Chinese food delivery boy, who thinks he is very funny. When … Read More

Audrey – The Nose Job

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Played by: Susan Diol Appears in: The Nose Job George thinks that his girlfriend Audrey is beautiful, except for her large nose. During a conversation about beautiful women, Kramer bluntly … Read More

Patrice – The Truth

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Played by: Valerie Mahaffey Appears in: The Truth George’s girlfriend Patrice is a representative for the IRS and gives Jerry’s tax papers to her so she can help him through … Read More

Inventory of Every Item in Kramer’s Apartment

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Ever wonder whats in Kramer’s apartment? No? Well, we did.

We created an inventory of every single item that appears in there throughout the series.

Turns out, there’s around 400+ unique items. See them all here.

Uncle Leo – Jerry! Hello!

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Uncle Leo is the eccentric brother of Jerry’s mother, Helen. Whenever he bumps into Jerry, he always greets him with an enthusiastic  “Hello!” Uncle Leo often catches Jerry when he … Read More

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