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Alex – The Muffin Tops

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Played by: Melinda Clarke

Appears in The Muffin Tops

Jerry accidentally shaves his chest, only to learn later that she loves the hairless look.

Alex Quotes:

Jerry: Oh hi Alex.
Alex: I’m sorry I’m late. Have you ordered yet?
Jerry: No.
Alex: I’ll be right back.
George: Where are you meeting these women? When they get off the bus at the port authority?
Jerry: Right here, George. In here. (pointing to his chest) Try opening this up. You’ll find the biggest dating scene in the world.

Alex: How about the beach this weekend?
Jerry: You couldn’t pay me enough to go to the beach on a weekend. I mean it’s hard enough…
Alex: All right. All right. Wow is that a Mexican Hairless? Oh, I love those. Ooh, Hairless. This is where it’s at. It’s so much smoother and cleaner.
Jerry: Really?

Alex: You know when you make a pizza bagel, you really shouldn’t use cinnimon rasin.
Jerry: You also shouldn’t use a donut.

Alex: You have a pretty heavy beard, don’t you?
Jerry: What’s that?
Alex: Well look it’s almost time for you to shave again.
Jerry: Oh. Yeah.

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