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Amy – The Glasses

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Played by: Anna Gunn

Appears in The Glasses

Not wearing his glasses, George thinks he recognizes Jerry’s girlfriend kissing Jeffrey, Jerry’s cousin. When George tells Jerry, he tries to get Amy to confess, but she denies it. Jerry begins to wonder if George was mistaken about seeing Amy with Jeffrey when George mistakes an onion for an apple. “I don’t know what to believe! You’re eating unions, you’re spotting dimes, I don’t know what the hell is going on.” (We loved Anna Gunn on Seinfeld so much we thought she deserved her own character spotlight.)

Amy Quotes:

Jerry: Now, look at this. Cable’s out.
Amy: Oh that’s okay, we don’t have to watch tv.
Jerry: No, no, no. No trouble at all, it’s a principal the thing. I like them to know that I know what’s going on. That they’re not… getting away with anything. Oh, I’m on hold. So, what did you do yesterday?
Amy: Yesterday?
Jerry: Yeah, you remember yesterday? Beautiful day… good day to be… out.
Amy: I didn’t do anything.
Jerry: Oh you must have done something.
Amy: No, nothing really.
Jerry: Didn’t go out of the house? Didn’t take a walk… on Columbus Avenue?
Amy: Well, I did go out for a little while.
Jerry: Well, your day’s getting more interesting already. (Jerry shows the phone) Ah, see, told me they’d be back in a minute and THEY lied.
Amy: You can’t thrust anyone.
Jerry: No you can’t. Now let’s cut the ball, sister! You think I don’t know about you swapping spit with somebody yesterday on Columbus Avenue?
Amy: What are you talking about?
Jerry: Look, my friend saw you.
Amy: Saw me? With who?
Jerry: You tell me.
Amy: There’s nothing to tell.
Jerry: There isn’t?
Amy: No.
Jerry: Oh… all right… wanna get some pizza?
Amy: I had a feeling this was to good to be true.
Jerry: Why?
Amy: I knew there had to be another side to you.
Jerry: No, no, there’s no side!
Amy: There is a side, an ugly side.
Jerry: No, no, no ugly side.
Amy: Look, I think I’m gonna go.
Jerry: Why?
Amy: It’s really hot in here.
Jerry: Uuh, so we can still go out on Friday though?
Amy: Yeah. When are you getting an air conditioner?
Jerry: It’s coming! It’s a Commando 8! 12.000 BTU’s! It’s gonna be like a meat locker in here.

Amy: So what are we doing here?
Jerry: Oh, you’ll find out.
Amy: I don’t know, you’re acting very mysteriously.
Jerry: Well, I’m very mysterious by nature. A lot of women find that attractive.
Amy: I find it annoying.
Jerry: Really?
Uncle Leo: Helloooo!
Jerry: Uncle Leo!
Uncle Leo: Come on in.
Jerry: This is Amy.
Uncle Leo: Hello Amy.
Jerry: Unlce Leo, what are you doing here?
Uncle Leo: Jeffrey went out tonight.
Jerry: Ooh! Very convenient.
Uncle Leo: I’m supposed to tape this nature show for him, he loves nature. Botany, zoology. You know his botany teacher from college stays in close touch with him? They became friends!
Jerry: Oh really?
Uncle Leo: That’s pretty rare! I mean, actual friends! Like equals! They have dinner together, they have discussings…
Jerry: Uncle Leo! Did he leave any tickets here for me?
Uncle Leo: Oh yeah yeah, I’ll get ’em.
Jerry: Thank you.
Amy: What tickets?
Jerry: To the Paul Simon concert in the park!
Amy: We’re going to the Paul Simon concert?
Jerry: That’s right, lady!
Amy: Oh what a great surprise!
Jerry: I thought you’d like that.
Amy: Oooh, that’s why you’ve been acting so mysteriously.
Jerry: Now you know. That, and that alone, is the reason.
Uncle Leo: Hear Jeffrey’s favorite animal: the leopard.
Amy: Why is that?
Uncle Leo: He likes the spots. Oh uh, here’s the tickets.
Jerry: Thank you.
Uncle Leo: Oh uh, he asked me to give you a message. He said that he’s very sorry and he hopes you’ll forgive ’em.
Jerry: Aha! So it’s true! You were making out with him!
Amy: What are you talking about, I don’t know Jeffrey. Oh so this is why you brought me up here?
Jerry: Oh very convincing, but it’s not gonna work this time.
Uncle Leo: What are you talking about? All he meant was that he was sorry that the seats aren’t very good.
Jerry: Oh… oh… wanna get some pizza?

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