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Angela – The Good Sameritian

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Played by: Melinda McGraw

Appears in The Good Samaritan

Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run but realizes that the driver is a beautiful woman and asks her out. Jerry lies to Elaine and tells her that he went to Queens and intimidated the man with his karate moves. After dating Angela, Jerry finds out that the car that she hit belongs to Becky Gelke, another woman he has always wanted to ask out. He tells Becky that he will do something about the damage but she believes he is the hit-and-run driver but won’t admit it.

Angela Quotes:

Angela: Now you listen to me, suck face! You tell anybody, anything, and I will carve my initials in your brain tissue!
Jerry: Let me rephra-
Angela: I’ll bash your skull into a vegematic like a bad cabbage, and I’ll have a party on your head!
(Elaine walks in)
Jerry: Hi Elaine, this is Angela.
Angela: I’ll pluck all your body hairs out with my teeth!
Jerry: Well I think I get the gist of it.
Angela: So you don’t say anything to anybody about me hitting that car!
Jerry: What car?
Angela: Good. I’m glad we understand each other.
Jerry: It’s not complicated.

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