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Anna Gunn – From Seinfeld to Breaking Bad

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Anna Gunn is probably best known now for her role as Skyler White in the hit television series Breaking Bad. But ask any Seinfeld fan and they’ll tell you that it was Anna Gunn’s role on Seinfeld that propelled her to stardom (just go with it). Turns out she hitched her wagon to the right star. Anna appears in the episode ‘The Glasses’, as Jerry’s girlfriend Amy.


The Glasses Episode Summary:

George gets his eyeglasses stolen at the Health Club and needs to buy a new pair. Always mindful of a buck, he visits Kramer’s optometrist friend Dwayne, who Kramer promises will give George a 30% discount for mentioning his name. After all, Kramer helped get him off sugar!

While not wearing glasses outside of the optometrist, George thinks he sees Jerry’s new girlfriend Amy (played by Anna Gunn) kissing Jerry’s cousin Jeffrey across the street. He tells this to Jerry, who decides to confront Amy.

Later back at Jerry’s apartment, George spots a dime on the floor from across the room, not wearing his glasses but only squinting. Jerry doesn’t know what to believe when later, George bites into an onion mistaking it for an apple, causing Jerry to shout “you’re eating unions, you’re spotting dimes, I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

The next day at the optometrist, George settles on a new pair of frames, which Kramer later points out are women’s glasses from the Gloria Vanderbilt collection. While paying, Dwayne refuses to give George the discount for mentioning Kramer’s name. When Kramer hears this, he heads down to the optometrist and threatens him with a candy bar, until Dwayne finally agrees to give George the discount.


Jerry tries one last time to catch Amy in the lie when he attempts to pick up Paul Simon tickets from Jeffery at his apartment. Uncle Leo gives Jerry and Amy the tickets and tells Jerry that Jeffrey apologizes. Jerry mistakes Jeffrey’s apology for supposedly seeing Amy behind his back and blames her, until Uncle Leo says Jeffrey apologized for getting different seats.

Having his glasses back, and back outside of the optometrist, George realizes that it was not Amy kissing Jerry’s cousin Jeffrey, but a mounted policewoman petting her horse.