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Beth – The Yada Yada

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Played by: Debra Messing

Appears in The Yada Yada

Jerry dates Beth who he later finds out is really racist.

Beth Quotes:

Arnie: Well our adoption application was denied.
Elaine: Really.
Beth: The adoption agent seems to feel that Arnie has a violent temper.
Elaine: Oh.
Beth: So we’re just asking our friends what they may have said to the adoption agent.
Elaine: Uh, you know, I just told them what kind people you are and, uh, yada yada yada, that is it.

Beth: Jerry, I’m sorry to bother you, but you always said you’d be there for me.
Jerry: Well, what’s wrong?
Beth: I’m thinking of leaving Arnie.
Jerry: Talk to me.
Beth: He met with Elaine, and I asked him what happened, and he yada yada’d me. I mean, could he be having an affair?
Jerry: Well, I wouldn’t put anything past anybody.
Beth: But we just got married.
Jerry: Well obviously that was a mistake. You need to forget about Arnie. The important thing is you’re moving on.
Beth: Why would Elaine do that to me?
Jerry: Forget about Elaine. Let’s just focus on us. Come on, big hug.

Mr. Abbott: That’s Dr. Abbott, D.D.S. Tim Whatley was one of my students. And if this wasn’t my son’s wedding day, I’d knock you teeth out you anti-dentite bastard.
Beth: What was that all about?
Jerry: Oh, I said something about dentists and it got blown all out of proportion.
Beth: Hey, what do you call a doctor who fails out of med school?
Jerry: What?
Beth: A dentist.
Jerry: That’s a good one. Dentists.
Beth: Yeah, who needs ’em? Not to mention the Blacks and the Jews.

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