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Betsy – The Implant

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Played by: Megan Mullally

Appears in: The Implant

George accompanies his girlfriend Betsy to Detroit for her aunt’s wake. While there, he tries to get a copy of her death certificate so he can get a death in the family discount from the airline. While at the funeral, he argues with Betsy’s brother Timmy when she accuses him of double-dipping a chip. Without the death certificate, George attempts to get the discount by presenting a picture of himself standing next to the casket, to no avail.

Betsy Quotes:

George: Can I ask you a question? Would you mind switching seats?
Betsy: Oh, actually, I really prefer to sit here. I don’t hear very well out of this ear so, I always try to sit to the right of people.
George: I’ll shout.
Betsy: Well, I really think I feel more comfortable here.
George: C’mon, c’mon… See, now, is that so bad?
Betsy: What?
George: No, no, the machine’ll get it…
Betsy: No, no, it’s not on…
George: They’ll call back.
Betsy: But George, what if it’s an emergency?
George: In the whole world right now, there’s maybe three emergencies. Why would you think, on this entire planet, that you’re one of those three?
Betsy: George, please. Hello? What? Oh my god!
George: Alright, maybe four.


Betsy: Have you met my boyfriend George?
Aunt May: No!
Betsy: George, this is Aunt May, and Father Jessup. Oh, and that’s my brother, Timmy. This is my boyfriend, George.
Aunt May: Oh George, how nice of you to come all this way.
George: Well, I’m the boyfriend. Otherwise, what’s the point of being the boyfriend? This is where you have to be when you’re the boyfriend.
Aunt May: Betsy, dear, have you had anything to eat?
Betsy: I’m not very hungry.


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