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Bridget – The Diplomat’s Club

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Played by: Berta Waagfjord

Appears in The Diplomat’s Club

Jerry plans to meet a supermodel at the airport Diplomat’s Club lounge after a quick stopover in Ithaca NY to wow some patrons at the local comedy club. Jerry gets nervous when his assistant mentions to him that his plane’s pilot is going to be in the audience. Jerry performs poorly causing the assistant to berate the pilot, which in turn causes the pilot to kick Jerry off his return flight to NYC. The whole ordeal delays Jerry and Bridget’s rendezvous. Bridget’s screen time is brief, but she makes the most of it.

Bridget Quotes:

Jerry: Bridget!
Bridget: Jerry, what happened?
Jerry: Oh, I’m so sorry. I got stuck out of town. I missed our whole time together.
Bridget: Well, my plane doesn’t leave for another half hour.
Jerry: Really? Oh my God, that’s him! That’s the pilot!

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