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Chelsea – The Trip

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Played by: Debi A. Monahan

Appears in The Trip

Kramer’s girlfriend while he is out in California. That’s right, la la land. Kramer meets Chelsea when they were auditioning for parts in a horror movie. Chelseas’s manager is working on getting her the starring role in a mini-series based on Adolf Hitler’s girlfriend. Later, she is murdered by the Smog Strangler, but Kramer wasn’t looking for a long term relationship anyways.

Chelsea Quotes:

Chelsea: So, can I keep this treatment?
Kramer: Oh yeah, yeah, I got 20 copies.
Chelsea: ‘Cause I can, uh, show it to my manager. He has connections with West German television money.
Kramer: Really.
Chelsea: Yeah, they’re trying to put together a miniseries for me on Eva Braun. I mean think about it, is that a great idea? We know nothing about Eva Braun, only that she was Hitler’s girlfriend.
Kramer: Um-hm.
Chelsea: What was it like having sex with Adolf Hitler? What do you wear in a bunker? What did her parents think of Hitler as a potential son-in-law? I mean it could just go on and on…
Kramer: Wait wait, hold it, hold it. Look who’s over there. Don’t look, don’t look! It’s Fred Savage.
Chelsea: Big deal.
Kramer: He’d be perfect for my movie. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (takes a deep breath) I gotta go over there, I gotta give him a copy of my treatment.
Chelsea: Why are you breathing so hard?
Kramer: Well, I’m just a little nervous. OK, I gotta relax. Phew. Wish me luck, huh?

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