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Cheryl – The Non-Fat Yogurt

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Played by: Lisa Houle

Appears in The Non-Fat Yogurt

While at the blood lab to test the fat content of the so called “non-fat yogurt” he has invested in, Kramer strikes up a conversation with Cheryl, the lab technician. Fearful of losing his investment, Kramer tries to sway Cheryl, to falsify the analysis of the yogurt fat content. Eventually, it is revealed that the yogurt does contain fat and business plummets. The yogurt shop now serves real nonfat yogurt which doesn’t taste good, leaving Newman furious.

Cheryl Quotes:

Kramer Hello, there.
Cheryl: Hello!
Kramer: Ooh! Test tubes. Cool!
Jerry: What do you got there?
Cheryl: Actually, this is Mr. Giuliani’s blood. We’re doing a cholesterol work up on it.
Jerry: Oh.
Elaine: Okay, I’m done.
Cheryl: It was really nice meeting you.
Kramer: Well, the pleasure’s all mine.

Cheryl: Shh! We don’t want to disturb the security guard.
Kramer: Where’s the lights. Whoa!
Cheryl: How about this?
Kramer: Yeah! Bunsen burner. You want a taste? It’s Cappuccino.
Cheryl: It’s delicious.
Kramer: I hear you.
Cheryl: Non-fat?
Kramer: Well, you tell me. Is the verdict in yet?
Cheryl: No.
Kramer: Well, this is in case there’s a tie!

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