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Cindy – The Maid

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Played by: Angela Featherstone

Appears in The Maid

Jerry hires Cindy as his maid, but when he starts sleeping with her he can’t tell if he’s paying her to clean or for sex.

Cindy Quotes:

Jerry: Well Cindy, the place looks great.
(She grabs her money off the counter)
Cindy: Thanks Jerry, gotta run.
Jerry: Ok, I’ll see ya.

Cindy: Your nickname’s Koko? One of the girls down at the maid service is named Coco.
George: Really? Coco?
Cindy: Yeah. Coco. That girl’s all right.
Cindy gets up and goes into Jerry’s bedroom.
George: You know, if I could get this Coco woman down to Kruger, they wouldn’t be able to call me Koko anymore because Kruger would never allow 2 Kokos.
Jerry: Sounds like he runs a real tight ship.
George: Say good-bye to Koko.
George leaves as Kramer enters.
Jerry: Good-bye, Koko.
Kramer: Bye, Koko.

Cindy: What was that?
Jerry: I didn’t hear anything.
Cindy: All right, I’m takin’ off. Aren’t you forgetting something?
Jerry: Oh, right! Hey, it was great seeing you again. I love your outfit.
Cindy: No. My money.
Jerry: For what?
Cindy: For my maid services. You booked me for today.
Jerry: But you didn’t really do any work.
Cindy: I made the bed.
Jerry: But you took a nap in it.
Cindy: So?
Jerry: I thought that was kind of girlfriend bed making.
Cindy: No. That was the maid.
Jerry: Well, who took the nap?
Cindy: The girlfriend.
Jerry: $40 seems kind of steep for a nap.
Cindy: So, what are you saying? That I’m a bad maid or some kind of a prostitute?
Jerry: Ho, ho…ho! Hold on. Let’s keep this sophisticated.
Cindy: You know, I don’t think I want to be your girlfriend or your maid.
Jerry: So is this a breakup/quitting?
Cindy: Yeah. Don’t ever call me or hire me again.

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