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Claire – The Voice

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Played by: Sara Rose Peterson

Appears in The Voice

Jerry starts doing a voice for her belly button “Heeeello”. But now he must choose between her and the voice

Claire Quotes:

Claire: So I’ll call you tonight?
Jerry: Yeah.
Claire: What’s wrong with the belt?
Jerry: I went to the movies last night, I went to the bathroom and I unbuckled a little wobbly and the buckle kind of banged against the side of the urinal. So…(throws away belt) that’s it!
Claire: So, you’re insane?
Jerry: Oh yes, quite.
(Kramer walks in)
Kramer: Hello!
Jerry: Of course it’s a sliding scale.
Claire: Catch you later.

Claire: What’s so funny?
Jerry: Oh, nothing.
Claire: What are you laughing about? Tell me.
Jerry: Oh all right, this is really dumb, really stupid. We’ve been doing this silly, dumb voice.
(Claire storms out of the room mad)
Claire: So is it fun humiliating me?
Jerry: No, it’s not you. It’s your stomach, he’s taking with this funny, booming, jovial voice. (doing the voice) Hello-o-o-o.
Claire: So you think I’m fat?
Jerry: No it’s…
(Darren walks in)
Darren: Mr. Kramer says, “hey buddy!”
Jerry: Hey, we’re kind of in the middle of something here. Would you mind coming back later?
Darren: Oh yeah sure, sure. Should we set something up now?
Jerry: GET OUT!
Claire: I’m leaving too.
Jerry: No body said you’re fat. He’s a loving character, like the Kool-ade guy.
Claire: He is fat!
Jerry: No, he’s just a little bloated.
Claire: Good-bye!
Jerry: It’s mostly water weight.

Jerry: So you’re sure you’re not still angry about last night?
Claire: No, I’m fine. Just as long as you don’t ever do that voice again.
Jerry: Never?
Claire: Never.
Jerry: What about if you’re not around?
Claire: No!
Jerry: So I have to choose between seeing you and doing the voice?
Claire: That’s right.
Jerry: I can do that.
Claire: So what’s your decision?
Jerry: I don’t know.

Clare: Jerry…HI.
Jerry: Hello-o-o-o. La-la-la.

Jerry: Wow! Hey, there’s Clare. I better go down.
George: Hey, there’s Kramer & Darren.
Jerry: There’s the giant ball of oil. Clare’s right underneath that thing. Clare! Hello-o-o-o! Hello-o-o-o! Hello-o-o-o!
Clare: I don’t believe this. I am not looking up if you’re going to do that voice.
Kramer: Bombs away.
Jerry: This is going to be a shame.

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