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Cousin Jeffery – The Glasses

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Cousin Jeffrey was Jerry’s never-seen cousin, whom Uncle Leo was always raving about. He works at the Parks Department, and according to Leo Jeffrey has a great sense of humor. His favorite animal is the leopard because he like the spots and he usually stays home on Friday nights to watch the Nature Channel. George thinks that he looks like a horse and accidentally accuses him of kissing Jerry’s girlfriend Amy. Jeffery is also said to have a close relationship with his college Botany professors, they were like equals.

Cousin Jeffery is mentioned in:

The Pony Remark

Leo is telling Jerry that about Jeffery’s career in the Parks Department while he sits next to him at Manya’s dinner party.

The Pen

While at a dinner commemorating Morty Seinfeld as the President of Del Boca Vista, Uncle Leo brags that Jeffery is funny, and has written many funny letters while at the parks department.

The Glasses

Jeffery is accused of kissing Jerry’s girlfriend Amy when George thinks he sees him on the street. It is later revealed that it was a police officer kissing their horse.

The Package

Jerry tells Leo to open a misteryous package after he starts telling him about Jerry’s role in the Parks Department production of The Macardo

Cousin Jeffery Quotes:

Uncle Leo: Jerry, are you listening to this?
Jerry: Yeah, Uncle Leo.
Uncle Leo: So, so, now the parks commissioner is recommending Jeffrey for a citation.
Jerry: Right. For reducing the pond scum?
Uncle Leo: No, for the walking tours.
Jerry: Oh, yeah. Where the people eat the plant life – the edible foliage tour.
Uncle Leo: That’s exactly right. He knows the whole history of the park. For two hours he’s talking and answering questions. But you want to know something? Whenever he has a problem with one of these high-powered big shots in the Parks Department, you know who he calls.
Jerry: Mickey Mantle?

Uncle Leo: (Interrupting) Jerry, you wanna hear something? Your cousin, Jeffrey, is switching parks. They’re transferring him to Riverside – so he’ll completely revamp that operation, you understand? He’ll do in Riverside what he did in Central Park. It’s more money. So, that’s your cousin.

Uncle Leo: Listen, you should get your cousin Jeffrey to write some material for you.
Morty: What are you talking? Jeffrey works for the parks department!
Uncle Leo: You should read the letters he’s written. He’s funnier than the whole bunch of you!

George: I saw Amy making out with your cousin Jeffrey.
Jerry: What?
George: They were right outside!
Jerry: Amy and Jeffrey?
George: Yes!
Jerry: Are you sure?
George: Yes, positive.

Uncle Leo: Jeffrey went out tonight.
Jerry: Ooh! Very convenient.
Uncle Leo: I’m supposed to tape this nature show for him, he loves nature. Botany, zoology. You know his botany teacher from college stays in close touch with him? They became friends!
Jerry: Oh really?
Uncle Leo: That’s pretty rare! I mean, actual friends! Like equals! They have dinner together, they have discussings…
Jerry: Uncle Leo! Did he leave any tickets here for me?
Uncle Leo: Oh yeah yeah, I’ll get ’em.
Jerry: Thank you.
Amy: What tickets?
Jerry: To the Paul Simon concert in the park!
Amy: We’re going to the Paul Simon concert?
Jerry: That’s right, lady!
Amy: Oh what a great surprise!
Jerry: I thought you’d like that.
Amy: Oooh, that’s why you’ve been acting so mysteriously.
Jerry: Now you know. That, and that alone, is the reason.
Uncle Leo: Hear Jeffrey’s favorite animal: the leopard.
Amy: Why is that?
Uncle Leo: He likes the spots. Oh uh, here’s the tickets.
Jerry: Thank you.
Uncle Leo: Oh uh, he asked me to give you a message. He said that he’s very sorry and he hopes you’ll forgive ’em.
Jerry: Aha! So it’s true! You were making out with him!
Amy: What are you talking about, I don’t know Jeffrey. Oh so this is why you brought me up here?

Uncle Leo: I got your package.
Jerry: How did you get my package?
Uncle Leo: What should I do with it?
Jerry: I don’t know what you should do with it.
George: Tell him to open it.
Jerry: I am not going to treat my uncle like a bomb defusing robot.
Uncle Leo: Jerry, Your cousin Jeffrey is in the Parks Production of The Macardo. I want you to go see it with me.
Jerry: Open the package Leo.