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Crazy Joe Davola – I Like To Encourage Intruders

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Crazy Joe Davola is an aspiring writer and psychotic acquaintance of Kramer and Jerry’s played by Peter Crombie.

After NBC passes on his script, he blames Jerry and vows to put the kibosh on him.

Crazy Joe Davola is in excellent shape and practice martial arts, not only can he fend off a group of muggers but he is also strong enough to put a large dent in a motorcycle helmet worn by Kramer.

Later, he meets Elaine at her therapist’s office, not knowing he is crazy, she has to spray Binaca in his eyes when he corners her in his apartment.

He is last seen making a scene at the taping of Jerry and George’s sitcom pilot.

Crazy Joe Davola appears in:

The Pitch

While meeting with NBC executives to pitch their pilot, George and Jerry run into “Crazy” Joe Davola in the lobby.

Jerry mistakenly mentions that he’ll see him at a party that Kramer is throwing, but it turns out that Joe knows nothing about it and was intentionally not invited.

“You’re under no obligation to shake my hand.”

Joe Davola is upset about not being invited to Kramer’s party and kicks Kramer in the head, luckily, Kramer was wearing Newman’s helmet which saves him.

When Kramer tells this to Jerry later, he warns him that “Crazy” Joe Davola” is after him next.


The Ticket

As a result of a blow to the head by a kick from Joe Davola, Kramer begins showing signs of a brain injury.

He walks into Jerry’s apartment with only one pant leg on, half of his face shaved, and talking gibberish, he also forgets his alibi while appearing in court to help Newman fight a parking ticket.

Meanwhile, Elaine is on vacation with her therapist Dr. Reston in Paris.

Later at the coffee shop, Jerry and George think they see Joe Davola outside and they become afraid to leave.

Jerry asks a policeman for an escort out of the coffee shop but the cop decides to order a sandwich and refuses to leave before he has eaten.

Back in Paris, Dr. Reston realizes that he did not leave an extra prescription for Joe Davola the time he would be on vacation, explaining Davola’s recent transgressions.

(Joe does not appear on-screen in this episode.)


The Watch

Elaine meets Joe Davola outside of her therapist’s office, who she calls Joey. After that encounter, they begin to date.

“I’m in love. I just met her outside in the street. Her name’s Elaine.”


The Opera

Kramer has tickets for the opera, and Elaine invites her new boyfriend, Joey.

She drops into his apartment where she discovers that he has a wall of pictures of her that he took with his telephoto lens.

“Good. Fear is our most primal emotion.”

After repeatedly accusing her of being unfaithful, he tries to trap her in the apartment, so she maces him with cherry Binaca and ending the relationship.

Later while at the opera, Jerry and Elaine are still standing outside talking about these two crazy people until they discover that each of their Joe’s is the same person.

They freak out because they believe Joe Davola is now out to get both of them.


The Pilot

Jerry and George get the green light to produce a pilot for their show Jerry.

At the taping, Joe Davola leaps out of the audience and onto the set yelling “Sic Semper Tyrannus!”, which Jerry later translates to “Death to tyrants!”

He is removed without any further incident and the taping of the pilot is a success.

“Good luck on the pilot Jerry.”


Joe Davola quotes:

Joe Devola: Hello Jerry.
Jerry: Hey Joe! How are you doing?
Joe Devola: You’re under no obligation to shake my hand.
Jerry: Oh, no, Just a custom. Uh, That’s my friend George. You look good.
Joe Devola: Why shouldn’t I look good?
Jerry: Oh, no reason. You’re into karate right?
Joe Devola: You want to hit me?
Jerry: What are you doing here?
Joe Devola: I dropped a script off.
Jerry: Ah, good for you. Well, …
 Joe Devola: You don’t have to say anything.
Jerry: No, Uh, hey I guess I’ll see you Sunday night.
Joe Devola: Why?
Jerry: Kramer’s party.
Joe Devola: Kramer’s … having … a … party?
Jerry: No, no, he’s not having a party. He’s doing something. I don’t know what it is. It’s nothing. He’s not doing anything.
Joe Devola: Gee, I thought Kramer and I were very close friends.

Elaine: Wow. You really have a terrible voice.
Joe Davola: Do I know you?
Elaine: Uhh, I don’t think so.
Joe Davola: ‘Cos you really look familiar.
Elaine: Oh, well maybe you’ve seen me. My face is on Mount Rushmore.
Joe Davola: Oh yes, of course, that’s it. I guess I’m just used to seeing it on a much larger scale.
Elaine: Oh yeah, right. I replaced uh, Teddy Roosevelt.
Joe Davola: Oh really.
Elaine: Umm. Trustbuster. Bust this.

Elaine: I cannot believe I’m doing this. I never meet people like this. You’re not a nut, are you?
Joe Davola: No, I don’t think so.

Joe Devola: I’m in love. I just met her outside in the street. Her name’s Elaine. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
Dr. Reston: Did you say, Elaine?

Elaine: Joey? Joey? Oh god, oh, it’s you! You scared me!
Joe Devola: Good. Fear is our most primal emotion.
Elaine: You left your door open.
Joe Devola: I know, I like to encourage intruders.
Elaine: What’s all this?
Joe Devola: Do you like it? My home is a shrine to you.
Elaine: Where did you get all these pictures?
Joe Devola: I took them myself with a telephoto lens. Coming out of your office, your apartment, shopping, showering.
Elaine: Showering?
Joe Devola: I developed them myself in my dark room. Would you like to see?
Elaine: In the dark room? Uh no, no thank you. Not right now… I’m a day person!… Are you all right?
Joe Devola: Why
Elaine: Well I don’t know, you just don’t seem yourself?
Joe Devola: Who am I? Who am I supposed to be?
Elaine: That’s a good question, good question, it’s very… existential! Who are you? Who am I? Yeah, well.
Joe Devola: What are you doing here?
Elaine: Oh, nothing, I just stopped by to chat, you know, shoot the breeze.
Joe Devola: Were you able to get those opera tickets to Pagliacci from that friend of yours? I’m really looking forward to it.
Elaine: Oh, no, he couldn’t get them. We’re not going.
Joe Devola: Really?
Elaine: Oh, dammit, you know I just remembered I gotta go, I left something on, the gas, the lights, the water in the tub. Something is on somewhere so Im just gonna get the uh…
Joe Devola: You know the story of Pagliacci, Nedda?
Elaine: Uh… I’m Elaine!
Joe Devola: He’s a clown whose wife is unfaithful to him.
Elaine: Oh.
Joe Devola: Do you think I’m a clown, Nedda?
Elaine: Do I think you’re a clown? No, not if its bad to be a clown, if its bad to be a clown then you are definitely not a clown. But if its good to be a clown then, you know, I would have to rethink the whole thing.
Joe Devola: You’ve betrayed me with another, haven’t you, Nedda? Who is he?I want you to tell me who he is. I want his name. Tell me his name.
Elaine: Oh, like any man would ever look at me, come on, I’m gonna… get out of here.
Joe Devola: Pagliacci kills his wife.
Elaine: Se, now that’s terrible, that is not a nice thing to do at all, I don’t know how this Paliachi thing turns out but you know I would assume that there is big trouble for that clown
Joe Devola: You’re not leaving.
Elaine sprays Davola in the eyes and he falls on his back. Elaine leaves.

Kramer: I got one. Who needs one? Pagliacci. Pagliacci. The tragic clown. Pagliacci.
Joe Devola: What did you say?
Kramer: What, are you a cop?
Joe Devola: No. I’m a clown.
Kramer: Man, you look familiar.
Joe Devola: You ever been to the circus?
Kramer: Well, when I was a kid.
Joe Devola: Did you like it?
Kramer: Well, it was fun.Was kind of scared of the clowns.
Joe Devola: Are you still scared of clowns?
Kramer: Yeeeeeah.

Jerry: Oh my God! It’s crazy Joe Devola.
Joe Devola: Good luck on the pilot Jerry.

Joe Devola: Sic Semper Tyrannus!