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Cynthia – The Fix Up

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Played by: Maggie Wheeler

Appears in: The Fix Up

Jerry and Elaine set up George with Elaine’s friend Cynthia. George and Cynthia hit it off on their first date and end up having sex in George’s kitchen, which he says is always the most sociable room in the house. A few days later, Kramer tells George that the condoms he gave him were defective and Elaine accidentally reveals that Cynthia missed her period. George is overjoyed to find out that he is able to get a woman pregnant, and promises to help Cynthia raise the kid. She tells him she already got her period, but due to his actions, they make up and become a couple.


Cynthia Quotes:

Cynthia: There’s just no men out there, you know?
Elaine: I know.
Cynthia: I mean the problem is that the good ones know they’re good. And they know they’re in such demand they’re just not interested in confining themselves to one person.
Elaine: I hate the good ones.
Cynthia: Is Jerry one of the good ones?
Elaine: That’s a good question, I think he thinks he is.
Cynthia: Well, the mediocre ones are available, but they’re so insecure about not being one of the good ones that they’re always going, “Well I’m not good enough for you, what are you doing with me?” and eventually I just go, “You’re right.”
Elaine: You know, maybe you need somebody between good and mediocre.
Cynthia: No, maybe I need somebody who has nothing, somebody who just has to appreciate being with me because he’s so desperate.


Cynthia: First of all, what does he do?
Elaine: He was in real estate, um, now, he’s not working right now-
Cynthia: He’s not working?! How come he’s not working?
Elaine: Well, um, he, he got fired.
Cynthia: Why did he get fired?
Elaine: Uh. Why? Oh, right. Um, well, he tried to poison his boss.
Cynthia: Excuse me?
Elaine: Such a long story, Cynthia, seriously, I mean he just had some problems at work.
Cynthia: Is he nuts?
Elaine: No, no, no, he’s a really really funny guy.
Cynthia: What does he look like?
Elaine: Pardon?
Cynthia: What does he look like?
Elaine: Um, well, he’s got a lot of character in his face. Um, he’s short. Um, he’s stocky.
Cynthia: Fat. Is that what you’re saying, that he’s fat?
Elaine: Powerful. He is so powerful, he can lift a hundred pounds right up over his head. And um, what else. What else. Oh, right. Um, well, he’s kind of, just kind of losing his hair.
Cynthia: He’s bald?
Elaine: No! No, no, no, he’s not bald. He’s balding.
Cynthia: So he will be bald.
Elaine: Yup.


Cynthia: I missed my period.
Elaine: Oh my god.
Cynthia: I am very worried, I am never late.
Elaine: But he used a condom, right?
Cynthia: I know, but these things aren’t always foolproof.
Elaine: Oh no.
Cynthia: What?
Elaine: Was it blue?
Cynthia: Yeah. How’d you know?
Elaine: Just a hunch.


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