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Danielle – The English Patient

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Played by: Chelsea Noble

Appears in: The English Patient

While at Monk’s, a beautiful woman, Danielle, mistakes George for her boyfriend Neil, who she claims looks just like him. This is intriguing to George and he really wants to meet Neil. Neil winds up in the hospital after being burned by a crêpe and Danielle chooses him instead of George because she will be taking him to a clinic in England.


Danielle Quotes:

Danielle: (to George) Neil.
George turns to face the woman.
Danielle: Oh, I am sorry. I’m supposed to meet my boyfriend here. He looks just like you.
George: Really?
Danielle: Yeah.
George: Like me?
Danielle: Uh-huh. Sorry.


George: Uh, hi. Uhm, remember me? I..I’m the guy who looks like Neil?
Danielle: Hi.
George: Huh-Hi. Uhm, is Neil here?
Danielle: Oh, no. He got held up at work.
George: Oh, that’s too bad. I kinda wanted to meet him, seeing as how we look so similar.
Danielle: Well, you know, you don’t look that much like him.
George: Oh. Course not.
Danielle: No, you’re a little taller. You look like you’re in better shape than Neil. Do you work out?
George: (smiling) Listen, I..I..I don’t mean to seem forward… but is there any way that I could possibly have Neil’s phone number?


George: You know, you could’ve just given me Neil’s number. You..you didn’t have to take me out to dinner.
Danielle: I wanted to give it to you in person… You know, I don’t have to be up in the morning, and I know a great breakfast place, right around the corner.
George: Does Neil like to eat a big breakfast?
Danielle: Why don’t you come in? We’ll take about it.
George: I really should get going. Y’know, I..I wanna be home in case Neil calls.
Danielle: Well, goodnight.
Danielle leans toward George, for a kiss. But George walks away completely oblivious to Danielle.
George: (hurried) I’ll see you.


Danielle: You know, Neil called me today.
George: Really?
Danielle: Yeah. He’s pretty upset that I broke up with him to go out with you.
George: Ah, I guess I showed Neil who’s Neil.
Danielle: He wants to get together tomorrow night and have coffee.
George: Coffee? I can beat that. Move in with me.
Danielle: What?
George: Beats the hell out of coffee.


George: Well, Danielle, we should get going. I got a key made for you.
Danielle: George, I can’t move in with you.
George: What?
Danielle: I’m sorry, but I’m taking Neil to a clinic in England.
George: N..no, no. You can’t leave me. Marry me! I’ll burn myself. I’ll burn my parents!
Danielle: Sorry George.


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