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Denise – The Beard

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Played by: Joan Scheckel

Appears in: The Beard

George is wearing a toupee and Kramer tries to set him up on a date, but he doesn’t have a picture of her so they go to the police station so a sketch artist can draw them a picture. George meets Denise at Monk’s and learns that she is wearing a hat to hide her baldness. George arrives at Jerry’s apartment disgusted, saying that Denise is bald and tells Kramer this which is a surprise to him. After arguing that George is bald too, Elaine angrily throws his toupee out the window. Now toupee-less and defeated, George tells Jerry he is himself again, and will continue to see Denise.

Denise Quotes:

George: (thinking to himself) Oh my god, there she is. That’s the face, just like the picture.
Denise: George?
George: Yeah. Hi. It’s great to meet you.
Denise: Likewise. Have you been waiting long?
George: No, no. I just got here. A few minutes ago.
Denise: Good, good.
George: Well why don’t you take off your hat and stay awhile.


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