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Diane – The Marine Biologist

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Played by: Rosalind Allen

Appears in: The Marine Biologist

Jerry bumps into his old friend Diane from Queens College and lies to her that George is now a marine biologist. George, who is expecting a call from her, is upset because he always wanted to lie about being an architect. After a phone call where George tries to sound like a marine biologist, he asks her out for a date. While taking a walk on the beach, they discover a beached whale, and Diane pleads with George to save it. After a struggle, George discovers that something is obstructing the whales breathing, and turns out to be a golf ball that was hit into the ocean by Kramer, “a hole in one.”

Diane Quotes:

Diane: Jerry?
Jerry: Yeah
Diane: Diane, Diane DeConn, from college. I’ve seen you on TV you’re doin’ great.
Jerry: Yeah pluggin’ along.
Diane: I got the Alumni magazine. Ya know what ever happened to your friend George? I never see him in there.
Jerry: Well he’s kind of modest.
Diane: He was always such a goof-off. I mean did he ever get anywhere?
Jerry: Sure.
Diane: Yeah? What field?
Jerry: Marine biology.
Diane: George is a marine biologist?!
Jerry: A pretty damn good one, too!
Diane: I can’t believe it I mean I would never had thought..
Jerry: Yeah…he specializing in whales. He’s working on lowering the cholesterol level in whales…all that blubber– quite unhealthy. You know its the largest mammal on earth but as George says “they don’t have to be.”


Diane: Your parents must be so proud of you, George.
George: Oh, they’re busting!


Diane: Save the whale George… for me.


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