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Evie – The Red Dot

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Played by: Bridget Sienna

Appears in The Red Dot

George is fired from Pendant Publishing when it comes to the attention of Mr. Lippman, that George engaged in sexual intercourse on his desk with the cleaning woman, Evie. To which George replies “was that wrong? Should I not have done that?”

Evie Quotes:

George: This is for you.
Evie: Oh, Georgie, you bought this for me? Oh I knew you cared for me.
George: As you care for me. Which is why it is very important that you never breathe a word of this to anyone about the… you know. What, with Clarence Thomas and everything.
Evie: Okay, okay, can I open it now?
George: Yes of course go ahead. My guess is you’re going to like this very much.
Evie: Oh! Is that cashmere?
George: Of course it’s cashemere.
Evie: A cashmere sweater. Oh Georgie Porgie!
George: Just a little something for Christmas.
Evie: When I was a little girl in Panama, a rich American came to our town and he was wearing the softest most beautiful sweater. I said to him, “what do you call this most beautiful fabric?”, and he said “they call it cashmere”. I repeated the words “cashmere, cashmere”. I asked if I could have it, and he said “No. Get away from me.” Then he started walk away. But I grabbed onto his leg screaming for him to give me the sweater and he dragged me through the street. And then he kicked at me with the other foot and threw some change at me. Oh, but I didn’t want the change Georgie. I wanted the cashmere.
George: I had a feeling you would like it. No, don’t try it on now, try it on later.
Evie: Wow, look at this. It feels so beautiful.
George: Take it off. You’re going to ruin it.
Evie: (noticing the dot) What’s this?

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