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Gail Cunningham – The Shoes

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Played by: Anita Barone

Appears in The Shoes

Kramer tells Jerry that he encountered Gail Cunningham, a woman that Jerry also dated, but that he snubbed her because she refused to kiss Jerry after three dates. Gail then confronts Jerry at the coffee shop over Kramer’s behavior, for which he denies responsibility. Kramer later tells Jerry that he encountered Gail again, and ended up kissing her. Jerry is confused why she would willingly kiss Kramer without even going on a real date.

Gail Cunningham Quotes:

Gail: I thought I’d find you here.
Jerry: Well, Gail Cunningham.
Elaine: Hi, Gail.
Gail: Hi, Elaine. Hey, what is with your friend Kramer?
Jerry: Why?
Gail: He snubbed me.
Jerry: Are you sure?
Gail: Yeah, I’m sure. What did you tell him?
Jerry: Nothing. Hey, where you goin’ with that? Gimme that.
Elaine: I thought you were finished.
Jerry: I took two bites, how am I finished? Plus you’re coming down with something? You want me to get sick? Bite?
Gail: So, how come? Why did Kramer do that?
Jerry: I don’t know. Once he leaves the building, he’s out of my jurisdiction.
Gail: Well, tell him that I am mad at him.
Jerry: Alright. So, where ya cookin’ now?
Gail: Pfeiffer’s.
Jerry: Ah, the power lunch crowd.
Gail: Nice shoes!
Elaine: Oh. Thank you.
Gail: Where’d you get ’em?
Elaine: They’re um, Botticelli’s.
Gail: Ooh, Botticelli’s! Look at you! I’m afraid to go in there.
Elaine: Really.
Jerry: Would you care to join us?
Gail: No, no, I gotta get to the restaurant. Oh! See ya.
Jerry: See ya.

Elaine: Hey! Gail!
Gail: Elaine…!
Elaine: Why are you talking about my shoes?
Gail: What?
Elaine: My Botticelli shoes. You’ve been talking about my Botticelli shoes.
Gail: What are you talking about?
Elaine: Did you or did you not tell Kramer that I got my shoes at Botticelli’s?
Waiter: Too spicy. He wants another one. You got that pasta primavera?
Gail: Look Elaine, I am very busy here.
Elaine: Who else have you mentioned my shoes to, huh? I wanna know why my footwear is your conversation!
Gail: I am not discussing this. This is insane.

Gail: Hey! What is with your friend Elaine?
Jerry: What?
Gail: She comes to my restaurant, comes right in my kitchen, and starts complaining that I’m talking about her shoes.
Kramer: Right in the kitchen. Disgraceful.
Gail: I don’t want people coming into my kitchen. I think she might have sneezed all over someone’s pasta primavera. Someone might have gotten sick because of her

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