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Gail Cunningham – The Shoes

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Played by: Anita Barone

Appears in The Shoes

Jerry went out with Gail 3 times and she didn’t even want to shake his hand, but kisses Kramer the first time he walks her home. Kramer claims its all because he snubbed her. Gail is a chef at a local restaurant who helps Jerry and George get an impromptu meeting with Russell Dalrymple in exchange for a pair of Elaine’s ‘Botticelli’ shoes.

Gail Cunningham Quotes:

Gail: I thought I’d find you here.
Jerry: Well, Gail Cunningham.
Elaine: Hi, Gail.
Gail: Hi, Elaine. Hey, what is with your friend Kramer?
Jerry: Why?
Gail: He snubbed me.
Jerry: Are you sure?
Gail: Yeah, I’m sure. What did you tell him?
Jerry: Nothing. Hey, where you goin’ with that? Gimme that.
Elaine: I thought you were finished.
Jerry: I took two bites, how am I finished? Plus you’re coming down with something? You want me to get sick? Bite?
Gail: So, how come? Why did Kramer do that?
Jerry: I don’t know. Once he leaves the building, he’s out of my jurisdiction.
Gail: Well, tell him that I am mad at him.
Jerry: Alright. So, where ya cookin’ now?
Gail: Pfeiffer’s.
Jerry: Ah, the power lunch crowd.
Gail: Nice shoes!
Elaine: Oh. Thank you.
Gail: Where’d you get ’em?
Elaine: They’re um, Botticelli’s.
Gail: Ooh, Botticelli’s! Look at you! I’m afraid to go in there.
Elaine: Really.
Jerry: Would you care to join us?
Gail: No, no, I gotta get to the restaurant. Oh! See ya.

Elaine: Hey! Gail!
Gail: Elaine…!
Elaine: Why are you talking about my shoes?
Gail: What?
Elaine: My Botticelli shoes. You’ve been talking about my Botticelli shoes.
Gail: What are you talking about?
Elaine: Did you or did you not tell Kramer that I got my shoes at Botticelli’s?
Waiter: Too spicy. He wants another one. You got that pasta primavera?
Gail: Look Elaine, I am very busy here.
Elaine: Who else have you mentioned my shoes to, huh? I wanna know why my footwear is your conversation!
Gail: I am not discussing this. This is insane.

Gail: Hey! What is with your friend Elaine?
Jerry: What?
Gail: She comes to my restaurant, comes right in my kitchen, and starts complaining that I’m talking about her shoes.
Kramer: Right in the kitchen. Disgraceful.
Gail: I don’t want people coming into my kitchen. I think she might have sneezed all over someone’s pasta primavera. Someone might have gotten sick because of her.

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