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Gennice – The Understudy

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Played by: Adelaide Miller

Appears in The Understudy

Gennice cries at inappropriate moments, like when she drops her frankfurter in the park. She’s also the understudy of Bette Midler.

Gennice Quotes:

Jerry: Oh, hi Gennice.
Gennice: Hi Jerry.
Jerry: This is George, this is Kramer.
Gennice: Nice to meet you.
Jerry: Playing today?
Gennice: No. I’m on the bench today.
Jerry: They really stick to that understudy rule.
Kramer: So she’s coming?
Gennice: Oh, yeah, she’ll be here. . . .(DROPS HOT DOG) Oh no, my frankfurter, my frankfurter fell. It was really good. I can’t believe that I dropped it.
Jerry: It’s okay…it’s just a hot dog, everything is going to be okay.
Gennice: No it (sob) was really good.

Gennice: Hey, I didn’t do anything. I was never informed. … YOU CAN ALL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL…. You see that? You see what I am going through?
George: So what? Somebody dropped an egg on my head as I went into my building last night.
Jerry: Hey, I’m being heckled on stage. People are yelling out Galloogy.
Gennice: I’m having a little trouble with all this. I mean all I ever wanted to do is sing. Now I’m the focus of this big media frenzy. (sob) Nobody in the show will even talk to me.
Jerry: Stop your crying will ya?
Gennice: What?
George: You heard him.
Gennice: Oh, don’t you you’re the reason this whole thing happened.
George: Oh, yeah. I read what you said to the papers yesterday. You weren’t in on the planing. What planning? YOU THINK WE PLANED THIS? Uh?

Jerry: Well, break a leg tonight.
Gennice: I’m really nervous.
Stagehand: Here you got a telegram. Well, look who’s here.
Jerry: Listen buddy,
Stagehand: What are you going to do? Break my legs? You don’t scare me. You or your goons.
Gennice: How do you like this?
Jerry: What is it?
Gennice: My grandmother died.
Jerry: Oh, I’m so sorry.
Gennice: Oh, it’s okay,
Jerry: So you don’t cry when your grandmother dies? But a hotdog makes you lose control?

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