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Gillian – The Bizarro Jerry

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Played by: Kristin Bauer

Appears in The Bizarro Jerry

Jerry starts dating Gillian, attractive woman but she has man hands. Jerry decides the he wants to just be friends with Jillian, and she does like the idea too much. Jerry tries to get another picture of her from her purse so George can use it to pick up women but she grabs Jerry’s wrist, almost ripping his arm right out of the socket because of her strong hands.

Gillian Quotes:

Gillian: Would you like some bread, Jerry?
Jerry: No.. No thanks, I’m, just not hungry.
Gillian: Well, then at least drink your beer..
Jerry: It’s not a… Twist off.
Gillian: You have a little something on your face.
Jerry: I can get it.
Gillian: Eh, no-no, No-no.. You’re missing it, it’s higher…It’s an eyelash. Make a wish.
Jerry: I don’t want to.
Gillian: Make a wish.
Jerry: Okay. Didn’t come true.
Gillian: Don’t you just love lobster?

Gillian: Friends. Just friends.
Jerry: Yeah.
Gillian: Yeah. All right. Well, do you still want to see a movie later?
Jerry: I wish I could, but, we’re friends..
Gillian: I’m just gonna go, wash my hands.
Jerry: Good idea.

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