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Hallie – The Friars Club

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Played by:Samantha Smith

Appears in The Friars Club

Jerry goes out with Susan’s best friend and borrows a jacket for dinner at the Friar’s Club. He forgets to return the jacket after dinner and the Flying Santos Brothers end up using the jacket as part of their magic act. Jerry finds the Santos Brothers backstage and gets into an argument, only to learn they had given the real jacket back to Hallie.

Hallie Quotes:

Hallie: Jerry, I’m sure it’ll turn up.
Jerry: I’m sure it won’t.
Hallie: Don’t worry. I’ll get the jacket back.
George: Alright, there you go. She’s gonna get the jacket back. So, let’s go get some coffee, huh?

Jerry: Yeah. I don’t think this is the jacket.
Hallie: No, it’s not. This is the jacket.

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