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Heather – The Chicken Roaster

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Played by: Kymberly Kalil

Appears in: The Chicken Roaster

George meets Heather, a salesman who sold him a Sable hat. While discussing the upcoming date, George explains that if the prospect of a second date looks slim, he’ll simply pull a “leave-behind” as an excuse to come back.


Heather Quotes:

Heather: Hello?
George: Heather Hi, it’s George Costanza.
Heather: Oy!
George: Ah , listen. I don’t mean to bother you but, silly me, I think I may
have left my hat in your apartment. So I thought I’d just come by later and pick it up.
Heather: You didn’t’ leave a hat here.
George: I’m pretty sure I left it behind the cushion of the chair …accidentally.
Heather: No hat. George I gotta go.


Heather: Alright George I’ll be honest, the first time we went out, I found you very irritating, but after seeing you for a couple of times, you sorta got stuck in my head, Costanza!
George: So you really don’t have my hat?
Heather: What?
George: Oh. let’s go do something.
Heather: What’s in bag?
George: That’s a sandwich.
George: Damn salami.
Heather: My clock, you stole it!
George: That damn deli that is last time they screw up one of my orders.


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