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Holly – The Wink

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Played by: Stacey Travis

Appears in The Wink

Jerry dates Elaine’s cousin Holly and orders salad at a steakhouse. Feeling that Holly looks at him as less of a man, he feels the need to eat more meat around her. She invite Jerry and Elaine over for dinner and serves mutton, which Jerry pretends to love but really spits out into Grandma Memma’s napkins.

Holly Quotes:

Holly: I can’t believe you’ve never taken anybody here before.
Jerry: Well, I’m not really that much of a meat eater.
Holly: . . . You don’t eat meat? Are you one of those. . .
Jerry: Well, no, I’m not one of those.
Holly: When we were little girls Grandma Memma would take us to a matinee and then dinner here.
Jerry: Grandma Memma?
Holly: Elaine must have mentioned Grandma Memma.
Jerry: No, I think I would have remembered Memma.
Holly: Oh well, that’s typical. Elaine never liked Grandma Memma.
Waiter: Ready?
Holly: I’ll have the porterhouse medium rare, baked potato with sour cream,
Jerry: What do you recommend besides the steak?
Waiter: The lamb chops are good.
Jerry: Anything lighter? How do you prepare the chicken?
Waiter: It’s a full bird. Stuffed with ham, topped with gorganzola.
Jerry: You know what? I think I’ll just have the salad.

Elaine: Such a lovely table setting. Oh, wear did you get these napkins?
Holly: They’re grandma Memma’s.
Elaine: Oh, I don’t remember them.
Holly: Oh, you wouldn’t. She only used them on special occasions.
Elaine: Special occassions? It wasn’t special when my family visited?
Holly: Everybody like mutton?
Jerry: Um, mutton! Hope you didn’t cut the fat off.

Elaine: What about this candelabra?
Holly: Yeah, that was grandma Memma’s also. She bought it on her trip to Europe in 1936. Jerry, I’m thrilled you like my mutton. I was afrais you only ate . . . salad.
Jerry: Hey, salad’s got nothin’ on this mutton.
Holly: That is so funny. Did you just make that up?
Jerry: I wish I could take credit for it. It’s actually the line my butcher uses when we’re chewing the fat. How about that beautiful desk over there? (hides meat in napkin in jacket)
Holly: That was in Grandma’s study.
Elaine: What did you do, ransack the place after she died?
Jerry: This is some FINE mutton.
Elaine: I’m getting out of here. Can I borrow your jacket?
Jerry: Uh, well, uh the thing is that . . .
Elaine: It’s cold out, and I didn’t bring my own. Jerry! God forbid I should borrow one from Holly. It might have belonged to grandma Memma. Thanks for mutton.

Holly: Where are the napkins?
Jerry: What?
Holly: Grandma Memma’s napkins. There’s two missing. Elaine took them didn’t she?
Jerry: I don’t know about that. Have you got any floss?
Holly: You heard her. She coveted them. I bet she took them just to spite me. She’s probably having a good laugh about it right now.

Jerry: Hey. What’s all this?
Holly: I decided I was going to make you dinner.
Jerry: I thought we were going out.
Holly: Well, after you scarfed up my mutton I had the irresistible urge to make pork chops for you. I said hello to Franco for you.
Jerry: Franco?
Holly: Your butcher, down the street.
Jerry: I bet he acted aloof like he didn’t know me.
Holly: A little.
Jerry: That is so Franco.

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