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Janet – The Cartoon

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Played by: Tracy Nelson

Appears in: The Cartoon

Elaine and Kramer make a comment that George’s new girlfriend looks a lot like Jerry, causing George to be concerned that he is secretly in love with Jerry. When Janet gets chewing gum stuck in her hair she cuts cuts it real short and now looks exactly like Jerry. George decides to take a few days off from his “relationship” with Jerry.

Janet Quotes:

George: You know , you know what’s great about our relationship?…It’s not about looks.
Janet: It’s not?
George; No , Can’t be…For instance I remember when we first met , we had a great conversation.
Janet: I remember you said I was the prettiest girl at the party.
George: ….But after that we really talked didn’t we?
Janet: Well ,you told me how familiar I looked and that you must have seen me somewhere before.
George: Na….no … This relationship he..he..has got to be about something and fast or I’m in very serious and weird trouble….hum What else happened?
Janet: You asked for a piece of gum because you thought your breath smelled like hummus.
George: Aw right YES! GUM! Good enough I’ll take it.
Janet: I like gum.
George: I do too. you see that’s what we’re about . You don’t remind me of anyone and we love gum.
Janet: I have gum in my hair.
George: I’m losin’ it


Janet: Let me get this gum out of my hair and then I’ll be ready for bed.
George: OK Look , the gum isn’t cutting it for me. We need to be about something else…anything..please.
Janet: George.
George turns around to see Janet with short Jerry like hair and a jerry like blue shirt.
George: Your hair?
Janet: Well I had to cut the gum out and I had a little trouble getting it even. So why don’t you get undressed
George: George is in big trouble….


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