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Jenna – The Pothole

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Played by: Kristin Davis

Appears in The Pothole

Jerry accidentally knocks his new girlfriend Jenna’s toothbrush into the toilet, and she uses it before he can tell her. Being a germaphobe he can’t kiss Jenna since she used the toothbrush so he must come clean. In retaliation, Jenna decides to put something of Jerry’s in the toilet so he throws out almost everything he owns. Finally Jerry learns that the item she put in the toilet was his his toilet brush and they decide to stay together. However when George accidentally strikes a water main while digging up the road, he causes an eruption that sends water bursting out of Jenna’s toilet, soaking her in toilet water, causing Jerry to leave. Jenna later dates Bania in The Butter Shave.

Jenna Quotes:

Jenna: Morning.
Jerry: Morning.
Jenna: Hope you don’t mind baking soda flavour.
Jerry: Ah, baking soda. Annoying little product. ‘I can do this. I can do that.’ Why doesn’t this stuff just shut up?
Jenna: I’m gonna grab you a towel.
Jerry: It’s a hundred thousand revolutions a second. It’s the most powerful one they make.
Jenna: It’s like I’m holding a blender.
Jerry: The engine’s made by McDonnell-Douglas…Oh no, you keep going. It shuts off automatically.
Jenna: Really, it does?
Jerry: When the battery runs out.
Jenna: I was really happy with my old toothbrush.
Jerry: No, trust me, that one was doing more harm than good. Don’t forget to use the Plax too.
Jenna: That stuff tastes like bleach!
Jerry: I don’t know anything about that.
Jenna: Mmm. My mouth feels so clean.
Jerry: That’s the idea.

Jenna: Hey.
Jerry: Hi.
Jenna: How you feeling?
Jerry: Good. My cold’s gone, and I’ve been looking forwards to kissing you, which I’m ready to do now, if you are ready.
Jenna: What?!
Jerry: Nothing. I just, I uh, I bruised my lip. I was drinking a Celray, and I brought it up too fast and I banged it into my lip, and then I knocked your toothbrush into the toilet and I wasn’t able to tell you before you could use it.
Jenna: What?
Jerry: I’m sorry.
Jenna: When were you gonna tell me this?!
Jerry: Obviously never.

Jenna: So Jerry, why’d you call me?
Jerry: Well, I thought it’s about time we put aside all this silliness. I know now you didn’t put anything in my toilet bowl. (pause) Did you?
Jenna: Yes, I did.
Jerry: Well, whatever. So, how’ve you been?
Jenna: Good.
Jerry: Good. Steak knife?
Jenna: Just eating away at you isn’t it?
Jerry: Nah.

Jerry: There, you see? I just leant her my car, and she’s gonna fill it with all sorts of… Alright! You win! That car was my last germ-free sanctuary. I slept there last night! Now, for the love of God, please, what is it? What is it?!
Jenna: Toilet brush.
Jerry: Toilet brush, oh Alright, I can replace that.
Jenna: You wanna order dinner?
Jerry: Yeah. Let’s uh, go to your place. Because I, threw out all my dishes.

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