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Lanette – The Summer of George

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Played by: Amanda Peet

Appears in The Summer of George

Jerry didn’t send out the invitations for her party in time

Lenette Quotes:

Lanette: Hi!
Jerry: Hi!
Lanette: Nice tuxedo.
Jerry: Thanks, it’s a breakaway.
Lanette: Should we go?
Jerry: Absolutely.
Lanette: Lyle, were going! Jerry, this is Lyle.
Lyle: Hey, how you doing?
Jerry: Ok…
[Lyle and Lanette kiss] Lanette: Bye.
Lyle: Have a good time.
Jerry: Thanks, Lyle…

Jerry: So, you and Lyle are roommates?
Lanette: No.
Jerry: Gay?
Lanette: What?
Jerry: Is he gay?
Lanette: No.
Jerry: Are you sure?
Lanette: I think I would know.
Jerry to himself: This is a new one.

Jerry: Oh, hello.
Kramer: I’m going.
Lanette: Congratulations!
Kramer: Oh, thank you, thank you so much. I have so many people I want to thank and don’t want to forget anyone…
Jerry: All right, all right.
[Phone rings and Jerry answers.] Jerry: I said no! [hangs up the phone.] Lanette: Jerry, I just want to let you know; Lyle and I are completely over. I’d rather be with you.
Jerry: Just me? No dudes or fellas?
Lanette: What you think?
Jerry: I can start right away.

Jerry: I can’t believe how much we did this afternoon. I have friends who this would’ve be their whole life.
Lanette: Now, what time are you picking me up tonight?
Jerry: Eh, what?
Lanette: You got our reservation from Sfuzi’s, didn’t you?
Jerry: Oh yeah, Sfuzi? I- I’ve gotta do that.
Lanette: Should I ware the outfit I bought today?
Jerry: Sure.
Lanette: Which one?
Jerry: The one with the…
Lanette: If I wanna get my hair cut I’ve gotta go now. Call me when you get home. I wont be there, but leave a message so I know you called.
Jerry: Ok, ok…
Lanette: Do you mind?
Jerry: No, I’ll grab it.

Lanette: Right on time, I like that.
Jerry: I like your nails, that is a great color.
Lanette: Love the sweater.
Jerry: This old thing?

Jerry: Ok, let’s towel it up.
Lanette: Jerry, where are those invitations you were supposed to get? If they don’t go out today they’re useless.
Jerry: But we’re in towels.
Lanette: Jerry.
Jerry: all right. One second.

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