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Laura – The Lip Reader

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Played by: Marlee Matlin

Appears in The Lip Reader

Jerry picks up a BL  at the tennis match and learns that she is deaf. Jerry tells Kramer about the beautiful lineswoman and Kramer claims to know sign language because he lived with a deaf cousin for a year. When George learns that Laura can read lips he tries to get her to help him eavesdrop on his ex-girlfriend at a party.

Laura Quotes:

Jerry: Excuse me. Excuse me? Oh that’s nice. That’s right ignore me. That’s real polite. Nobody’s even talking to you. All you big lineswoman. Oh you’ve got some kind of a cool job. I know your type thinking your too good for everyone, but it’s women like you (woman turns around and notices him) oh well, what are you deaf?
Laura: Bingo.

George: So, I’ve got ice cream all over my face. There were no napkins there. Whoever it was that’s responsible for stocking that concession stand cost me a relationship.
Laura: They never have napkins there.
Jerry: Let’s get the check. Is this considered signing? Do you do this when you want the check? Really. I know a sign, that’s my first sign.
Laura: Uh, oh. That couple is breaking up.
George: They’re breaking up? How do you know?
Jerry: She reads lips.
George: What are they saying now?
Laura: “It’s not you, it’s me.”
George: (Holding his drink up to his mouth) Oh my gosh, I just had a great idea. She could come to the party tomorrow and read Gwen’s lips for me.
Jerry: (Puts his hand over his mouth) What?
George: (Puts nuts into his mouth, and in the process covers his mouth) We bring her to the party, and she can tell me what Gwen is saying about me.
Jerry: (Holds his drink up to his mouth) She’s not a novelty act, George. Where you hire her out for weddings and bar mitzvas.
George: (Puts his hands on his face, rubbing his eyes) Look. It’s a skill, just like juggling. She probably enjoys showing it off.
Jerry: (Puts his napkin over his mouth) I don’t know George. I’m not sure about this.
George: (Puts his arms in the air, stretching, and covers his mouth with an arm) Could you ask her, just ask her. If she says no, case closed.
Jerry: All right.
Jerry: Uh Laura, George was wondering if…
Laura: Sure. I’ll do it.

Jerry: So I really had a good time.
Laura: Yeah, me too.
Jerry: So you want to go to the party on Friday night?
Laura: Yeah.
Jerry: All right, we’re taking a car service. So we’ll swing by and pick you up. How about six? (Laura looks offended). Six is good. (Laura looks angry). You got a problem with six? (Laura gets out). What? What?

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