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Laura – The Seinfeld Chronicles

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Played by: Pamela Brull

Appears in The Seinfeld Chronicles

Laura calls Jerry to ask if she can stay with him while she is visiting New York. Jerry is interested in Laura but is having a hard time reading her signals. When she comes to stay at Jerry’s, he is surprised to learn that she’s engaged after her fiance calls her at Jerry’s apartment. Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance.

Laura Quotes

Jerry: So uh, what do ya think?
Laura: Ooohhh, wow! This place isn’t so bad.
Jerry: Yeah, it kind a motivates me to work on the road…So uh, make yourself at home. So uh, can I get you anything? Uuhhh, bread, water…salad-dressing?
Laura: Actually uhm, do you have any wine?
Jerry: Uh, yeah, I think I do.
Laura: Oh, do, do you mind if I turn this down? [points to the lamp] Jerry: Uh, no, yeah, go right ahead.
Laura: Uh, Jerry, uh, I was wandering: would it be possible, and if it’s not, fine, for me to stay here tomorrow night too?
Jerry: Uh, yeah, yeah, sure, why don’t you stay? Yeah, uhm…What is your, what is your schedule for tomorrow? Are you, are you doin’ anything?
Laura: No, I’d love to do something, uh, I have my seminar in the morning, then after that I’m right open.
Jerry: Really? What would you like to do?
Laura: Well…now I know this sounds touristy, but I’d just love to go on one of those five-hour-boat-rides around Manhattan.
Jerry: Yeah, we could do that…why not, why not. I’m just, I’m really glad you’re here.


Jerry: Yeah, hello…yes…yes, she is, hold on. [to Laura] Uhm, it’s for you.
Laura: Hello?…Hi!…no no it was great, right on time…no, I, I’m gonna stay here tomorrow…yes, yes it’s fine..no, we’re goin’ on a boat-ride…don’t be silly…I’m not gonna have this conversation…look I, I’ll call you tomorrow…OK, bye… Never get engaged.
Jerry: You’re engaged?
Laura: You, you really have no idea what it’s like until you actually do it and I’m on this emotional roller coaster.
Jerry: You’re engaged?
Laura: Ya know, I can’t believe it myself sometimes. You have to start thinking in terms of “we”, uh, it’s a very stressful situation.
Jerry: You’re engaged!
Laura: Yeah…yeah, he’s a great guy…
Jerry: Yeah.
Laura: You’d really like him…ya know, I can’t wait to get on that boat.
Jerry: Me too!


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