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Laura – The Switch

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Played by: Heather Medway

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When Jerry meets his girlfriend Sandy’s roomate Laura, he later tells George, that he intends to try the “switch”. George declares it is impossible: no one in Western history has ever switched a girlfriend for her roommate. They spend all night coming up with a plan to accomplish the switch. Finally, George comes up with the idea that Jerry suggest a menage a trois so that Sandy will be disgusted, break up with Jerry, and tell Laura, who in turn will feel flattered, paving the way for Jerry to date her. When Jerry suggests this, Sandy and Laura both agree, but Jerry won’t go through with it because he doesn’t want to become an “orgy guy.”

Laura Quotes:

Laura: Yes?
Jerry: Hi, is Sandy here?
Laura: Hi, you must be Jerry. Sandy’s in the shower. Do you want to come in?
Jerry: I would except I forgot to bring a towel.
Laura: (laughs nicely)

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