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Leslie – The Puffy Shirt

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Played by: Wendel Meldrum

Appears in The Puffy Shirt

Kramer’s new girlfriend Leslie is a low talker, and very difficult to understand. That night at dinner, Kramer tells Elaine and Jerry that Leslie is a designer and has designed a new puffy shirt, like the pirates used to wear. The next day Kramer tells Jerry that since he agreed to wear Leslie’s puffy shirt on The Today Show she has been getting orders from stores to produce more of them. Apparently Jerry agreed when Leslie asked if he would wear the shirt on The Today Show at the restaurant. Jerry makes his appearance on The Today Show wearing the shirt, but gets laughed at causing him to admit that he thinks it looks ridiculous. Later, Kramer says that all the stores canceled on Leslie and that he broke up with her because he “can’t be with someone whose life is in complete disarray”.

Leslie Quotes:

Elaine: Jerry’s going to be on the “Today” show on Friday.
Jerry: Yeah, that’s right!
Elaine: Yep.. yep. Um, he’s promoting a benefit for Goodwill, you know, they, uh, they clothe the poor, and the homeless..
Jerry: And the indigent.
Elaine: And the indigent, yeah.. I, I do volunteer work for them. I set the whole thing up, and I got Jerry to do it.
(Leslie starts talking, Jerry and Elaine can’t hear her voice)
Jerry: Sure.
Elaine: Ohh, yeah. Yeah.. yep.
(Leslie talks some more)
Jerry: Uh-huh.
Elaine: Yep.
Jerry: Yep..
Elaine: Mmm

Leslie: You bastard!
Jerry: Now that I heard

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