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Lois – The Race

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Played by: Renee Props

Appears in The Race

Jerry is excited to  be dating a woman named Lois but learns that she works for Duncan Meyer, his old rival from a high school track race in ninth grade, Jerry got a head start that nobody noticed and won, but Duncan always accused him of cheating.  While at Monk’s, Duncan protests the race and George turns up, pretending he has not seen Jerry in years, and backs Jerry’s story. Duncan still doesn’t believe it, and challenges Jerry to a rematch but Jerry is worried that his legend will die. Jerry refuses to participate in the race, until he learns that Duncan will fire Lois unless he agrees to race. Before the race Duncan tells Lois that if he loses, he’ll give her a two-week Hawaiian vacation. As the race is about to begin, Kramer’s car backfires and Jerry gets another head start, winning the race again.

Lois Quotes:

Jerry: Ready to go Lois?
Lois: You really like to say my name? Don’t you?
Jerry: Excuse me Lois. Stand back Lois. Jimmy’s in trouble Lois.
Lois: Oh, Mr. Meyers this is my friend, Jerry.
Duncan: Jerry Seinfeld!
Jerry: Duncan Meyers!
Lois: You two know each other?
Duncan: Yeah! We uh, went to High School together. Didn’t we Jerry? Gee I hope you’re not leaving now. We still have a lot of work left to do.
Lois: Would you be able to come all the way downtown again in rush hour to pick me up?

Lois: Hi.
Jerry: Hi.
Lois: Sorry I missed the Chinese food.
Jerry: Oh, so am I . Uh, how’s Duncan?
Lois: He’s okay.
Jerry: He say anything?
Lois: About what?
Jerry: Oh, nothing in particular.
Lois: . . . Why did you cheat in that race?
Jerry: I did not cheat.
Lois: He said that you got a head start.
Jerry: Oh, he’s just jealous because he came in second.
Lois: Really?
Jerry: Yes
Lois: So you WERE the fastest kid in school.
Jerry: Faster than a speeding bullet Lois.

Jerry: Hi how are you?
Lois: . . . Fine.
Jerry: What’s the matter?
Lois: I just spoke to Duncan. He said if you don’t race, he’s going to fire me.
Jerry: What? He can’t do that.
Lois: Yes he can. He controls the means of production. What are you going to do Jerry?
Jerry: Don’t worry Lois. I’ll think of something.

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