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Margaret – The Big Salad

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Played by: Marita Gerahty

Appears in The Big Salad

Jerry learns that his new girlfriend Margaret used to date Newman, and he was the one who ended the relationship. Jerry can’t understand how she could have gone out with Newman, and what must be wrong with her if he was the one who dumped her.

Margaret Quotes:

Jerry: And Kramer thinks a penalty stroke may have driven him to it.
Margaret: Well, they haven’t even arrested him yet. Come on, let’s go out.
Jerry: Ah, no , I don’t think so.
Margaret: Why not?
Jerry: We don’t need a bunch of people staring at us.
Margaret: Who is staring?
Jerry: Oh, they’re staring. They know we’re on a date. They’re making fun. Come on. It’s embarrassing.
[Phone rings] Jerry: Hello. No she’s not here. Yes I will tell her. No I don’t know what time she might be coming back. Look I gotta’ go. Goodbye. . . . That, that’s a long story.
[Newman enters] Jerry: Hello Newman.
Newman: Hello Jerry, I was wondering if you knew where Kramer was.
Jerry: No, no I don’t. Why?
Newman: You know, Genderson. This is something big.
Jerry: I suppose.
Newman: What did Kramer say?
Jerry: I don’t know. Nothing.?
Newman: Come on Jerry. You know something TELL ME! TELL ME!, Oh, chocolates . . . Margaret?
Margaret: Hello.
Jerry: You two know each other?
Newman: You might say that.
Margaret: We used to go out.
Newman: Well, tootle loo. And nice seeing you again Margaret, goodbye Jerry. Have fun. Hehe
Jerry: . . . YOU went out with . . . Newman?
Margaret: Just a few times.
Jerry: Why?
Margaret: I liked him.
Jerry: You liked, Newman?
Margaret: Look I’m a little uncomfortable talking about this okay?
Jerry: No, I’m sorry. I’m just a little curious. I mean why did you stop seeing him.
Margaret: He ended it.
Jerry: . . . HE ended it?
Margaret: YES!! Yes! It was a couple of years ago. Why does it matter?
Jerry: No, no of course not.

Margaret: I mean they found a tee and he played golf that day. Nobody walks into a dry cleaner’s with a tee. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.
Jerry: You had how many dates with him? Three?
Margaret: Around three. I don’t know.
Jerry: And . .
Margaret: I told you. He stopped calling me. I moved on. I’m not hung up on him. What are you looking at?
Jerry: What? I’m not looking. Nothing.
Margaret: Why are you looking at my face?
Jerry: Where am I going to look?
Margaret: Kiss me.
Jerry: . . . I can’t.

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