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Marisa Tomei – The Cadillac

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Played by: Marisa Tomei

Appears in: The Cadillac

George reconsiders his engagement to Susan, when Elaine’s friend reveals that she is friends with Marisa Tomei, and that she love short, stocky, bald men. Obsessed, George wants to meet Marisa for a cup of coffee, but Elaine insists that it’s still cheating. Eventually George gets her number from Elaine and Goes for a walk in the park with Marisa until she punches him when he reveals that he is engaged.


Marisa Tomei Quotes:

Marisa: Have I told you how much I love you today?
George: Not in the last fifteen minutes.
Marisa: Well, I do love you very much.
George: And I love you, Marisa.
Marisa: Well then, c’mon, get dressed. We’re going to be late for the premiere.


George: …So, anyway, if you think about it, manure is not really that bad a word. I mean, it’s ‘newer’, which is good, and a ‘ma’ in front of it, which is also good. Ma-newer , right?
Marisa: You’re so right. I never thought of it like that. Manure. ‘Ma’ and the ‘newer’. Did you just make that up?
George: What, you think I’m doing material here?
Marisa: No, no. It’s hard to believe anyone could be so spontaneously funny.
George: And I’m a little tired.
Marisa: So, tell me, how is it that a man like you, so bald, and so quirky and funny, how is it you’re not taken?
George: Well, Marisa. See, the thing is… I’m sort of engaged.
Marisa: What?
George: I’m, you know, engaged.


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