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Maryann – The Muffin Tops

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Played by: Rena Sofer

Appears in: The Muffin Tops

George meets Maryann, a New York Visitor’s Bureau worker, and tells her that he is a tourist visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas. She is interested in him but doesn’t want to get involved, believing he will be leaving New York soon, so to prolong the relationship, he tells her that he’s thinking of moving to New York. Due to his web of lies, George winds up being traded from the Yankees to Tyler’s Chicken, in return for alcoholic chicken.


Maryann Quotes:

Mary Anne: Please don’t think all New Yorkers are so rude.
George: Well actually I’m…
Mary Anne: I’m Mary Anne. I work for the New York Visitor’s Center. Where are you visiting from?
George: Little Rock, Arkensas.
Mary Anne: Ooh.


Mary Anne: So I notice you don’t have much of an accent.
George: Yeah my parents have it. Sometimes it skips a generation.
Mary Anne: Look george, I’m really enjoying spending time with you but I’m not sure this is going to work out. At some point you’re going back to your job at Tyler Chicken and your three-legged dog Willie.
George: Willie. Yeah.
Mary Anne: And I’m still going to be here.
George: Well what if I told you I’m thinking of moving here?
Mary Anne: George, no offense. But this city would eat you alive.


Mary Anne: I can’t believe you found something so quickly. How much you pay?
George: $2300.
Mary Anne: Ouch. A month?
George: Yeah.
Mary Anne: Well, guess that’s all right for now, but if you say here for more than a few months, you’re a real sucker.
George: Yeah, well I uh got lots of other stuff to show you too. Wait till you see the plum job that I landed.
Mary Anne: Yeah. We should let this place air out anyway. It smells like the last tenant had monkeys or something.


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