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Monica – The Cafe

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Played by: Dawn Arnemann

Appears in: The Cafe

George is worried when his girlfriend, Monica, asks him to take an IQ test to help her with her education course. When it is revealed that Elaine has a high IQ, George asks her to take the test for him. So she takes the test at the Dream Cafe and is distracted by Jerry and Kramer. It is revealed that she does poorly and gets an 85, so she insists that she try again. This time, Elaine takes the test at Jerry’s apartment and does very well, but Elaine is too late to return the test to George and Monica finds out.


Monica Quotes:

George: You go in the living room. I’ll take the test in here.
Monica: But why?
George: I can’t concentrate in front of you.
Monica: Oh, I think you’re making too much of this. IQ tests don’t mean anything.
George: Are you kidding me? This is the best tool we have today of measuring a persons intelligence.
Monica: Well, I certainly don’t place any importance on it.
George: Well, I think you’re wrong about that. And now if you would excuse me, I would like to get started please.
Monica: Good luck.
George: Don’t need it.


Monica: George?
George: Yeah?
Monica: The door is locked.
George: Oh, it’s locked?
Monica: I need to get something.
George: Monica, I’m really focused here, this stuff’s a killer.
Monica: George!
George: Wish I could.


Monica: Time’s up George.
George: Ok. Here you go.
Monica: How did you do?
George: Piece of cake.
Monica: What happened to the test?
George: What? I spilled some food on it.
Monica: Food? What food?
George: What are you talking about?
Monica: Where did you get food?
George: From my pocket.
Monica: What?
George: I eh, I had a sandwich in my pocket.
Monica: And coffee?
George: Yeah, had some coffee, yeah.
Monica: Where did you get the coffee?
George: Where did I get the coffee? Where do think I got the coffee, from the grocery store.
Monica: How did you get there?
George: I walked.
Monica: How did you get out of the apartment? I didn’t see you leave.
George: I climbed out the window.
Monica: You climbed out the window?
George: Of course.
Monica: Why didn’t you go out the door?
George: The door? Why would I go out the door? The window is right here.
Monica: You are a fascinating man, George Costanza.


Monica: Are you looking for George?
Elaine: Well eh, kind of….
Monica: George left.
Elaine: Oh.
Monica: Is that the test?
Elaine: Oh, this…emm…yeah…here you go.
Monica: Thanks. I hope you did do a lot better this time.
Elaine: Actually, you know what, I think I did. The first time I couldn’t really cons…[Monica closes the window]…entreat.


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