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Mr. Morgan – Well You Screwed Me Again, Costanza

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Mr. Morgan is the co-worker of George Costanza at the New York Yankees and is played by Tom Wright. Some people think he looks like Sugar Ray Leonard.

Mr. Morgan appears in:

The Pledge Drive

George convinces Mr. Morgan that the Yankees should send a player to a PBS fundraiser.

Mr. Morgan only take the suggestion after he sees George eating a candy bar with a knife and fork, thinking he is sophisticated.

“A PBS fundraiser? I’m not gonna waste any of the players’ time with that”

The Mom and Pop Store

George calls a meeting to convince the Yankees to have a Jon Voight Day, so Mr. Morgan proposes they have no more meetings called by George.

“I make a motion that we have no more of these meetings that have been initiated by George Costanza.”


The Diplomat’s Club

Mr. Morgan thinks that George has a racial bias after George says that he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard.

George spends the entire episode trying to get Mr. Morgan to see that he is not a racist.

“I suppose we all look alike to you, right Costanza?”


The Wink

George causes a dispute with Mr. Morgan, his wife, and Mr. Steinbrenner by winking involuntarily.

The misunderstanding leads to Mr. Morgan’s termination, and George is promoted to his position. More work for not much more money.

“For some reason my wife got it into her head that it was more than just a massage.”



Mr. Morgan Quotes:

George: Look at this, I only have one picture left… How ’bout a shot of me and Mr. Morgan?
Mr. Morgan: Why?
George: Why? Because we’re a team! C’mon! Would you take this for us, dear? Thank you very much. Here we go… Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Sugar Ray Leonard? Yeah, you must get that all the time.
Mr. Morgan: I suppose we all look alike to you, right Costanza?

George: I love this place. You know, Carl and I come here all the time.
Mr. Morgan: Is that right?
Carl: Yeah, I come here all the time. You wouldn’t believe the rat problems in the kitchen.
Mr. Morgan: I thought so. You really are an exterminator. This time, George, you’ve sunk to a new low.
George: Check, please.
Waiter: Hey, Sugar Ray Leonard can eat here on the house.
George: Mr. Morgan! Did you hear that? Mr. Morgan!

George: So, what do you think?
Mr. Morgan: A PBS fundraiser? I’m not gonna waste any of the players’ time with that, besides the team already does so much promotion for channel eleven.
George: Channel eleven? Forgive me for trying to class up this place, for trying to have the Yankees reach another strata of society that might not watch channel eleven.
Mr. Morgan: Uh, what the hell are you doing?
George: I am eating my dessert. How do you eat it, with your hands?
Mr. Morgan: You know, maybe George has something here about PBS.

Mr. Morgan: So George, what kind of promotional events are we talking about?
George: Well, I think we need more special days at the stadium, you know? Like, uh…Joe Pepitone Day. Or, uh…Jon Voight Day.
Mr. Morgan: Jon Voight? The actor? Uh, I make a motion that we have no more of these meetings that have been initiated by George Costanza.
George: I suppose if I had suggested Liam Neeson Day, you’d all be patting me on the back.

George: Is that the lovely Mrs. Morgan?
Mrs. Morgan: Hello.
Mr. Morgan: Oh, by the way, have you got that birthday card?
George: Birthday card?
Mr. Morgan: Mr. Steinbrenner’s birthday card. Wilhem said you had it for me to sign.
George: Oh ah, I uh, will have that for you by after lunch.
Mr. Morgan: Fine. I’ll be back after my massage.
George: Of course. Your massage. (winks) Enjoy your massage. (winks)

George: Hey, Mr. Morgan how was your massage?
Mr. Morgan: I had to cancel it. For some reason, my wife got it into her head that it was more than just a massage.
George: Really?
Mr. Morgan: Yeah, we had this big fight at lunch it looks like tonight I will be sleeping on the couch.
George: Hey, listen don’t oversleep. You can’t afford to be late again.
Mr. Morgan: I know. Somebody around here has been giving Wilhelm the impression that I have been slacking off.
George: Geez, Hey you know something, you should try my friend’s wake up service. She swears by this thing.
Mr. Morgan: Costanza, you may be my only friend around here. By the way, you got that birthday card?
George: Ah, not yet.
Mr. Morgan: Just make sure Steinbrenner doesn’t get it until I sign it.
George: Yes sir!

Mr. Morgan: Haha, uh, well you screwed me again, Costanza. How am I supposed to sign the card now when it’s already under glass?

George: Oh, no, not just me, the whole organization. Especially Mr. Morgan.
Steinbrenner: Morgan, Morgan, you know his name is conspicuously absent from this card. Almost like he went out of his way not to sign it.
George: Oh no, Morgan is a good man sir.
Steinbrenner: You can stop kowtowing to Morgan. Congratulations, you got his job.
George: Wa, uh, thank you, sir, you know I am not quite sure I’m right for it.
Steinbrenner: Stop it, George, he’s out, you’re in. A lot more work you know.
George: I know.
Steinbrenner: A lot more responsibility. Long long hours.
George: I know.
Steinbrenner: Not much more money. But you’ll finally get the recognition you deserve.
George: That’s what I’m afraid of. You know Mr. Steinbrenner, . . .
Steinbrenner: You know as painful as it is I had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut!…George, you didn’t hear that from me. [George exits] . . . George!