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Nancy Coffer – The Fusilli Jerry

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Played by: Marla Sucharetza

Appears in: The Fusilli Jerry

George tells Jerry he needs a new  move to perform with his new girlfriend, Nancy so Jerry explains his move. George upsets Nancy when trying to perform the move in bed  saying “it feels like aliens poking at my body.”  Back at Jerry’s apartment George says that he probably should have written the move down because it was too complicated. Later, George performs the move with Nancy, but is soon busted when she finds out that he wrote the directions for the move on his hand.

Nancy Coffer Quotes:

Nancy: Ow, George! What are you doing?
George: Uh…you know, uh…pleasuring you.
Nancy: Well, stop it!
George: You don’t like the move?
Nancy: No. I don’t.
George: You’re kidding.
Nancy: No, I’m not. It feels like aliens poking at my body.
George: Sorry. I’ll just go back to my usual routine.


Nancy: Wow. That was…great. I mean…wow.
George: It just came to me.
Nancy: I—I’ve never in my life have—have I—. What was that?
George: You mean in the end?
Nancy: Uh-huh.
George: A counter-clockwise swirl.
Nancy: What’s that?
George: What?
Nancy: On—on your hand? Let me see what’s on your hand.
George: Nothing. I don’t know…just a little dirt.
Nancy: Give me that. I wanna see what’s on your hand.
Nancy: Number one. Take her leg…. Oh, my god! Crib notes? You’ve got crib notes?!!
George: It’s a very complicated move! I couldn’t remember it all.
Nancy: Oh, my god, you’re sick.
George: You know, it’s not the S.A.T.s!


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