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Nikki – The Calzone

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Played by: Danette Tays

Appears in The Calzone

Jerry takes advantage of his new girlfriend Nicki’s looks to get anything she wants. With her, Jerry gets to cut in line at the movies and even gets Jerry out of a speeding ticket. He ends up losing her to Todd Gack when she return the Peruvian cigars that he gave to Jerry.

Nikki Quotes:

Jerry : This is Nikki.
Nikki : Hi!
Elaine : Hello. This is Todd Gack.
Jerry : Oh of course . Todd Gack . You did you bet was in Star Wars? Sammy Davis Jr.
Elaine : So what movie are you guys seeing?
Nikki : “Means to an End”
Elaine : Oh . We were going to see that but it was sold out . So were going to see ” Blame it on the Rain ”
Jerry : Why don’t you see what you can do?
Nikki : Okay.
Elaine : What’s she going to do ? There’s no more tickets.
Jerry : We’ll see.

Nikki : Okay two tickets “Means to an End”
Jerry : Told you.
Elaine : How did you do that ?
Nikki : I just talked to the manager .
Jerry : All right . Enjoy ” Blame it on the Rain”

Police officer : Can I have your license and registration please?
Jerry : Absolutely. Nikki!
Nikki : Yes.
Jerry : Would you mind bringing the officer the registration?
Nikki : Not at all.
Police officer : I got you on the radar at 93 miles per hour.
Jerry : You must have gotten me when I slowed down to take that curve because for a while there I was doing well over 100.
Nikki : Officer . Hi . Do you really have to give us a ticket?
Jerry : All right Nik. That’s it.

Nikki : Peru? I thought you wanted cigars from Cuba?
Jerry : I did.
Nikki : Well if these aren’t what you wanted then why did you pay him?
Jerry : Well what could I do ? Unless you pay him a visit.
Nikki : Okay.

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