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Nina Stengel – The Betrayal

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Played by: Justine Miceli

Appears in The Betrayal

George used to date Nina but Jerry ends up kissing her during an awkward pause. George learns this by getting Elaine drunk on schnapps, opening up her vault.

Nina Stengel Quotes:

Nina: George, you’ve been wearing those boots since I met you. You’re not gonna wear them to the wedding, are you?
George: No.. I’m gonna wear black shoes

Nina: By the way, you never said anything to George about Jerry and me, did ya?
Elaine: Oh please.. It’s in the vault

Nina: Jerry?
Jerry: Uh, well, you know, a coffee grinder is nice. Or a coffee maker. Everyone likes coffee. Anything to do with coffee. Maybe you should go get some coffee.
(Nina enters the living room – sees Elaine)
Nina: Oh. Hi.
Elaine: Hi.
Nina: Oh, I should.. um..
Jerry: Sure.
Elaine: Bye.
Nina: Bye-bye.
Elaine: Who else ya got back there?
Jerry: Look, there was an awkward moment in the conversation. It never happened before.
Elaine: You slept with Nina? What are you gonna tell George?
Jerry: Nothing. And neither will you. George can never know about this.. It’ll crush him.
Elaine: Uh. Alright, alright. I’ll put it in the vault.

Nina: Oh, you were going to tell me all about George.
Jerry: Ah, just remember when you see him tomarrow night to tell him that the waiter liked him.
Nina: Really?
Jerry: Believe me. You know, I forgot how much fun it is hanging out with you.
Nina: I know. You know, we never had a bad conversation.
Jerry: I know. No awkward pauses. Probably the reason we never fooled around..
Nina: Heh.. yeah.
Jerry: Probably the reason..

Nina: Jerry?
Jerry: Nina?
Nina: Hi.
Jerry: It’s been years!
Nina: Yeah!
Jerry: George, this is Nina.
George: Nice to meet you.
Nina: Nice to meet you, too.

Nina: And they call it the World Wide Web. You can e-mail anyone!
Jerry: What are you, a scientist?!
Nina: Ah, I gotta go.
Jerry: Ah.
Nina: It’s great talkin’
Jerry: Great talkin’ to you. (Nina leaves. To himself) What the hell is e-mail?

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