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Nina Stengel – The Betrayal

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Played by: Justine Miceli

Appears in: The Betrayal

George is interested in one of Jerry’s old girlfriends who he never slept because there was never an awkward pause, during which he could make a move. So George asks Jerry to call Nina about setting them up on a date. When Nina comes over to talk about George, they suffer an awkward pause in their conversation and have sex on Jerry’s counter. George invites Nina on a disastrous trip to India for a wedding when it is revealed that Nina doesn’t like George and only accompanied him for the free trip.


Nina Quotes:

George: Alright, Nina, you have to decide right now. Jerry or me?
Nina: Alright.. Neither.
George: What?! Well, what are you doing here?
Nina: A free trip to India. And by the way, you can take off those boots. Everyone knows you’re five’ six.


Nina: Oh, you were going to tell me all about George.
Jerry: Ah, just remember when you see him tomarrow night to tell him that the waiter liked him.
Nina: Really?
Jerry: Believe me. You know, I forgot how much fun it is hanging out with you.
Nina: I know. You know, we never had a bad conversation.
Jerry: I know. No awkward pauses. Probably the reason we never fooled around..
Nina: Heh.. yeah.
Jerry: Probably the reason..


Nina: And they call it the World Wide Web. You can e-mail anyone!
Jerry: What are you, a scientist?!
Nina: Ah, I gotta go.
Jerry: Ah.
Nina: It’s great talkin
Jerry: Great talkin’ to you. (To himself) What the hell is e-mail?


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