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Nina – The Switch

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Played by: Charlotte Lewis

Appears in: The Switch

George is dating Nina, a model with a healthy appetite, and Kramer gives him the idea that she may be bulimic. While at dinner with Nina she feasts on food and then goes to the bathroom to “freshen up”.  Now George strongly suspects that Nina is bulimic and wants a to get a matron to spy on her in the bathroom. It is revealed that Kramer’s mother, Babs happens to be a matron, but Kramer hasn’t seen her in years. When they visit to ask her help, she yells out Kramer’s first name, Cosmo, the first time in the series we hear Kramer’s first name.

Nina Quotes:

Nina: Oh, I’m so full.
George: Yes, full. I love to be full … love to sit back, loosen the old belt and digest away for hours. Let those enzymes do their work.
Nina: Will you excuse me.
George: Where you going?
Nina: I just need to freshen up.
George: You’re fresh You’re very fresh. You seem very fresh to me. You’re very vital. I couldn’t take you any fresher.
Nina: George I need to freshen., George, George, George …


Nina: Mmmm mm so good.
George: … so glad.
Nina: Will you excuse me I’ve got to freshen up.
George: And why shouldn’t you? Be fresh Stay fresh
Waitress: Care to see our dessert menu?
George: Uh, yeah. Do you know Babs?
Waitress: Oh, yeah I was sorry to hear she left.
George: Babs left?
Waitress: She quit today.
George runs to bathroom and hears retching sounds. George enters woman’s bathroom
George:Ah Ha.
Nina: What are you doing here George?
George: I was just wondering what it was you wanted for dessert.


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