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Olive – The Pie

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Played by: Sunday Theodore

Appears in The Pie

Kramer has a terrible itch on his back but his new girlfriend Olive, a cashier from the coffee shop, has long fingernails and knows just where to scratch. When the itch finally heals, Kramer breaks up with her telling her that the mannequin in Jerry’s car is his new girlfriend. Kramer goes out to the car and pretends to make out with the mannequin, which falls apart in his hands.

Olive Quotes:

Olive: Do you need some help with that itch?
Kramer: Madam, I pray you’re not toying with me. (Olive shows her long finger nails) Whoa.
Olive: Turn around.
Kramer: Oh, all right.

Kramer: Well, hi Olive. No, no. No more of that. There’s something I have to tell you.
Olive: What?
Kramer: Uh, well, there’s someone else.
Olive: Someone else?
Kramer: Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Olive: Who is she?
Kramer: Her. (he points to the Elaine mannequin in Jerry’s car)
Olive: her?
Kramer: Yeah, there she is. That’s my gal.
Olive: You’re a liar. I’ve seen her in here before. She’s not your girlfriend.
Kramer: Now Olive, look, I’m sorry.
Olive: Why is she wearing her underwear?
Kramer: Well, it’s a style. Jerry give me the keys. Well, I guess we’re gonna go for a drive now. She really loves that.

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