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Pam – The Soul Mate

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Played by: Kim Myers

Appears in The Soul Mate

Jerry is dating Pam, but he is not gaga over her. When Kramer meets Pam, he does go gaga over her and when he talks to Jerry, he describes all her best qualities and Jerry realizes how great she really is and continues dating her. Kramer gets help from Newman who writes poetry for Kramer to use on Pam. Undecided, Jerry makes Pam choose between him and Kramer.

Pam Quotes:

Pam: Oh, hi! I’m Pam. You must be Kramer. Jerry’s told me a lot about you. Well, I’m supposed to meet Jerry, it’s my day off. I work in a bookstore.
Kramer: Books.
Pam: Oh, careful!
Jerry: Hi, sorry I’m late.
Pam: That’s okay. Kramer let me in.
Jerry: You know, if we rush, we can still make the movie.
Pam: Okay. It was really nice meeting you.

Pam: Oh, hi! Kramer.
Newman: Hi. How are you?
Kramer: Hi. How are you?
Pam: I’m great.
Newman: I too am well.
Kramer: I too am well.
Newman: Do I smell Pantene?
Kramer: Do I smell?
Newman: Pantene!
Kramer: Uh, Pantene.
Pam: Oh, my shampoo. Yeah, it is Pantene, I got a free sample in with my junk mail.
Kramer: Well, there really is no junk-mail…well, everybody wants to get a check or a birthday card, but…
Newman: …it takes just as much man-power to deliver it as their precious little greeting cards…
Kramer: Newman!
Pam: What?
Kramer: Uh, human. It’s…human to be moved by a fragrance.
Pam: That’s so true.
Kramer: Her bouquet cleaved his hardened…
Newman: Shell.
Kramer: …shell. And fondled his muscled heart. He embibed her glistening spell…just before the other shoe…fell.
Pam: Kramer, that is so lovely.
Kramer: It’s by an unknown 20th-century poet.
Pam: Oh, what’s his name?
Kramer: Newman.

Pam: What was that?
Jerry: We were just playin.’
Pam: Listen, I had a long talk with Kramer today…
Jerry: Uh huh…
Pam: Well, the thing is, I uh…I think I have a little crush on him.
Kramer: I’m so happy! My world suddenly has meaning!
Jerry: This is the man you have a crush on?
Pam: Well, I have feelings for both of you.
Kramer: How can you have feelings for him? We’re soul mates.
Jerry: Why can’t I be a soul mate?
Kramer: Jerry, you really think that Pam would want you to be the father of her children?
Pam: Children? Who said anything about children? I don’t want to have children.

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