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Patti – The Serenity Now

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Played by: Lori Loughlin

Appears in The Serenity Now

Believing that Jerry shows no emotions, she encourages him to get angry

Patti Quotes:

Patti: So I told Bobby and Lisa that we’d try the new Chinese Spanish place La Caridad on Saturday.
Jerry: Oh, I thought we had tickets for the Knicks home opener.
Patti: Well I thought this would be more fun so I gave the tickets away.
Jerry: What? All right, fine.
Patti: Are you mad at me?
Jerry: No, I love a good Chinese Spanish whatever it is.
Patti: You know… I’ve never seen you mad.
Jerry: I get peeved.
Patti: Mad.
Jerry: Miffed.
Patti: Mad.
Jerry: Irked?
Patti: I’d like to see you get really mad.

Jerry: Damn it, they gave me cream! I asked for nonfat milk!
Patti: I think they have 1% over there.
Jerry: 1%?! They can kiss 1% of my ass!
Patti: OK, Jerry, enough. I’m not buying it.
Jerry: You’re damn right you’re not buying it!
Patti: You shouldn’t have to try. It’s just being open.
Jerry: I’m open. There’s just nothing in there.
Patti: Uh huh.
Jerry: Oh, you think I’m lying about this?
Patti: I think you are.
Jerry: Well, I’m not.
Patti: Yes, you are, liar.
Jerry: Oh, stop it.
Patti: OK, liar.
Jerry: That’s enough!
Patti: Ooh, that was good.
Jerry: Really? It felt good.

Jerry: So, where do you want to eat tonight?
Patti: How about La Caridad again?
Jerry: Again!? How much flan can a person eat!?
Patti: Jerry, you’ve been yelling at me all afternoon.
Jerry: Well, I don’t think more flan is the answer!
Patti: Maybe I should just leave.
Jerry: ‘Maybe’!?
Patti: Good-bye!
Jerry: Double good-bye!

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