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Paula – The Doodle

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Played by: Christa Miller

Appears in: The Doodle

George complains to Jerry about a doodle his new girlfriend Paula drew, finding it an ugly caricature of himself. At a drawing class, Paula confesses to Elaine that she likes George, adding “looks aren’t that important to me.” When George asks about Paula’s interest in him, Elaine says Paula really likes him and doesn’t care about physical appearances. George becomes upset, declaring that Paula must think he is ugly, and states that he would prefer to be hated and handsome rather than liked and ugly.

Paula Quotes:

Elaine: Hey Paula!.. I hear you been going out with George Costanza?
Paula: How did you know??
Elaine: Everybody knows. y’know George told me he thinks you’re totally cute and everything.
Paula: He said that?
Elaine: Ha hum…Do you like George?
Paula: Yeaaah! he’s cool.
Elaine: No I mean…Do you like him or do you like him like him?
Paula: Like like.. looks aren’t important to me ,you know?


George: Hello..
Paula: What’s the matter?…
George: Well I spoke to Elaine…
Paula: Hey! Look , no shave.
George: No…Why should that make any difference to you?
Paula: It doesn’t..
George: Of course not. You don’t care what I look like.
Paula: That’s right I don’t.
George: I suppose I could just pull this out and walk around like this and you wouldn’t care?
Paula: Not a wit.
George: Hu humm? i suppose we could go to Lincoln Center and I’d be wearing sneakers and jeans and that would be fine too.
Paula: You can wear sweatpants.
George: I could..
Paula: You could drape yourself in velvet, for all I care.
George: Velvet…


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