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Rhisa – The Junk Mail

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Played by: Laurie Taylor-Williams

Appears in: The Junk Mail

When it is revealed to George that his parents have grown tired of his antics and they are cutting him loose, George is not ready for the abandonment. In an attempt to get his parents attention back, George plans to date his cousin Rhisa, planning to have his parents catch him making out with her. Unfortunately, she’s into the relationship.


Rhisa Quotes:

George: Some more merlot?
Rhisa: Yeah, thanks.
George: Sure. You know, Rhisa. I’ve always found you… very attractive.
Rhisa: What?
George: I know it may sound shocking. But, I just can’t stop myself from… wanting you.
Rhisa: You want to borrow money, right?
George: No, no. I-I just want us to be… together.
Rhisa: All right.
George: All right?
Rhisa: Let’s go for it.
George: Well… we could dance around it a little first.
Rhisa: Nah. Let’s be bad, George. Let’s be really… bad.
George: Whoa! Whoa! Geez!


Rhisa: All right, George. I’m ready.
George: Yeah, hold on. I’m, uh, I’m just trying to get a reading on my dashboard compass. Where are my parents?
Rhisa: Geor-gie…
Frankie: Is this Seinfeld’s van? Seinfeld’s van? Seinfeld’s van?!
Rhisa: Wait. What’s he saying?
George: I think he’s saying ‘Son of Sam’! Oh, my God!
Rhisa: No, they caught him.
George: “I knew it wasn’t Berkowitz!


Jerry: You must be George’s cousin.
Rhisa: Girlfriend.
Jerry: All right.


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